Megan & Matt are Married!


This was a bitter sweet day for me! Normally I have a summer packed with weddings and don't have a "last wedding" until sometime in November or December. But with baby Murray arriving in just a few short weeks... I decided I needed to take some time off before she arrives and lets be honest.. no couple wants their photographer to go into labor at their wedding! So my next wedding won't be until mid september! It seems like so long from now but I know once this little girl comes into our lives, time is going to fly!! 

I couldn't have asked for a better wedding and more importantly, a better couple to wrap up my spring/summer wedding season. I didn't get to meet Megan and Matt until their wedding day but after a few phone calls over the past few months, I already knew I was going to love them. My style of photography is very photojournalistic but I love when a couple really stresses to me "the more candids the better!". This is how Matt and Megan wanted their day documented and I was so excited to be the one to do this for them!

Now lets state the obvious, it was a VERY rainy and stormy summer day. The 100% chance of rain on the weather channel didn't budge for a week straight and mother nature didn't let up for more than a few minutes throughout the day. Now I love a good summer rain and I also love a good rainy wedding day! But there were a few points during this day that I asked God to just give us a break! Well thankfully we did get a few brief moments of drizzle and we managed to sneak out for some photos after the ceremony. I also have to say I was blessed with the most calm, relaxed, and care free bride in the ENTIRE WORLD! Im pretty sure if I asked Megan and Matt to go dance in the pouring down rain they would have done it in a heart beat.

Even with all the little hiccups due to the weather, Megan and Matt were just focused on getting hitched and having an amazing time with all their friends and family. Which they did! It was a huge party from start to finish. I think when everyones wedding favor is a personalized shot of fireball waiting for you at your seat... well then there is no way to have a bad time! I loved watching Megan and Matt through out the entire day. They just enjoy each others company and love to make each other laugh. When I stole them away during the reception for a few photos down by the docks, Matt could here Sugarhill Gang Apache (Jump On It) playing in the distance... Apparently this is one of his favorite songs and in an anxious attempt to return to the dance floor, these two just started dancing on the docks instead... it was kind of perfect. And lastly Ill mention that every cake cutting should ALWAYS look like Megan and Matts. Future couples,,, take note!

Megan and Matt, thank you a million times over for being such a beautiful and seriously cool couple! I have no doubt that your marriage is going to be filled with so much love and laughter. I wish you both all the best on your next big adventure!  


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