Lynne & Fletch are Married!


I can't believe it has been two and a half months since I wrote my last blog post! What a whirl wind the past couple months have been... Last blog post I was almost 8 months pregnant and now I am writing this as a mom to a 6 week old baby girl! Its amazing how quickly life can change and how fast time goes by... Ill be honest, Saturday September 19th, the day of Lynne and Fletch's wedding, was a scary day for me! I have had it in my calendar for months and every time I looked at that date it made me realize that, one: holy crap, Ill have a 5 week old baby.. and two: yikes! that is the first day I have to go back to work, get back to reality, and leave my sweet baby for the first time! Although I had months and months to mentally prepare for this day, I don't think anything can really prepare you enough... Thankfully I held it together (sort of) when I left the house and by the time I arrived to where Lynne was getting ready, I had my game face on. And let me just say this, I couldn't have asked for a better bride, groom, wedding party, and family to spend the day with. They were some of the sweetest and most welcoming people I have ever met and it made my day so incredible. Once I had my camera in hand, I quickly realized how much a missed these days and even though I was often thinking of my sweet June, I was so excited, inspired, and ready to document some amazing moments that day. 

Lynne and Fletch said their vows at Fletch's parents home and the home that he grew up in as a child. This beautiful victorian home was built in the 1800's and has so much amazing history. I loved hearing his brother tell childhood stories of the two of them during his best man speech. It sounded like growing up here would have been any kids dream. With a beautiful lake just across the street, an amazing backyard, and an unlimited amount of nooks and crannies to play hide and seek in, you couldn't have asked for much more. It was during the 1800's when the previous owner built what was called the "wedding walk" in the backyard. A beautiful long brick pathway with stairs where you could be married. It was absolutely stunning and the perfect place for Lynne and Fletch to become husband and wife. 

It wasn't until the day of the wedding that I saw the house and property for the first time, so when I pulled up, I could hardly contain myself! So many amazing backdrops for photos and never enough time to use them all! It was as if I had stepped into a Southern Living Magazine... From start to finish this wedding day was absolutely timeless. Everything about it felt like a classic black tie affair and a true fairytale. You couldn't have asked for a more stunning bride and I must say the groom and his groomsmen cleaned up pretty nice too. The best part of the day was watching the way Fletch looked at Lynne. It was with such admiration and it was so easy to see why these two were getting married. 

Lynne and Fletch, I wish you all the love in the world and I couldn't have asked for a better wedding to start my fall season. Not to mention my first wedding back as a mom! If I wasn't already emotional enough... these father/daughter dances are going to start making me cry even more! 

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