1989 - 2003

I was born and raised in the small but lovely town of Berlin, Maryland. Growing up here, only minutes from the ocean, has become one of my greatest privileges. Spending my summers camping on Assateague Island and having a mother who considers the ocean her second home has been a true blessing for me. It is because of these wonderful things that my heart will forever be drawn to the coastlines, sea salt will always be welcome in my hair, and the aroma of a campfire will endlessly remind me of my childhood. 

2004 - 2007

It was freshman year in high school when I met my future husband. He sat right behind me in health class and one of our first encounters involved him “accidentally” getting gum stuck in my hair. If someone told me in that moment (as I frantically try to get the gum out of my hair) that one day I would marry this kid, I most definitely would have laughed at them. But shortly after this gum incident, he stole my heart anyway and we have been together ever since.  

2008 - 2010

While my mom gets the credit for my love of the ocean, my dad is the one who sparked my love for photography. If it wasn't for his interest in taking photos and always being up to date on the latest technology, I would have never borrowed his snazzy camera and realized how much I loved the art of photography . Surprisingly, it wasn't until college that I decided I wanted this hobby of mine to be a career. 

2010 - present

After taking a few semesters off to travel the world and go on amazing adventures with my husband we both agreed it would be a good idea to finally finish school...After graduating in December 2012, I immediately launched Sarah Murray Photography and have been documenting sweet love ever since. Our most recent (and most adorable) adventure has been the birth of our two daughters. June was born in 2015 and Indah was born in 2017. Becoming parents has definitely been our greatest joy to date.