Devin & Brad are Married!


If you were anywhere near Downtown Berlin on June 20th or live within a mile radius of Main Street, well then you probably heard the celebration of Devin and Brads amazing wedding day long into the night. It was an incredible day that turned into a serious party by the evening and I am so giddy over being the one to capture it all. Devin is the owner of Sea La Vie in Downtown Berlin, one of the cutest boutique shops in the area. It also just happened to be where she and Brad held their wedding reception! When Devin first told me about all their ideas, for converting her shop into their wedding venue, I couldn't wait to see how it all unfolded. Even with all the things I had envisioned in my head, it still turned out to be more amazing then I could have ever imagined! A true garden fairytale from  the moment she walked down the aisle. 

I first met Devin in one of my absolute favorite "getting ready" locations, the little Atlantic Hotel cottage that sits just off of Main St. It is all sorts of cuteness in there and the perfect place for any bride to get ready for her big day. Devin was still on her way back from the salon so the only thing I was greeted by when I arrived was her dress... I just need to say that Devins dress may win the award for most perfect timeless stunning wedding dress ever! I loved every bit of how simple yet detailed it was. The pockets, the shape, the cut, it just felt like the perfect dress for her. Soon after getting dressed, Devin and Brad had their first look just outside of the Atlantic Hotel. I can't imagine it going any other way then it did. Brad was goofing off the entire time I was taking his photo, even up until Devin turned the corner to greet him. But as soon as he saw his bride, it was all love and sweet affection from there. Well, there was definitely more goofing off and silliness throughout the day but for anyone that knows Brad and Devin, it just wouldn't have been the same without all the laughter and comical behavior. 

The ceremony was held under the most beautiful tree at the Taylor House Museum, where Devin and Brad said their vows under an arbor that her family had made for them. One thing I absolutely love about Devin is how relaxed and free spirited she is. Along with some of the traditional aspects of a wedding ceremony, Devin had a little something up her sleeve to surprise Brad and their guests. While the ceremony began with sweet soft music it quickly turned to "Lets Get Married Remix" by Jagged Edge... and four of Brads closest friends who were also their ushers (one who happens to be my husband) and the wedding party, danced down the entire aisle. It was quite a show and the best part is that Brad had no clue it was coming. Devin made her grand entrance by horse and carriage with her father and I loved that after the ceremony was over, they had all the guests throw bird seed at them as they went back down the aisle. For some reason this is an old tradition you don't see too often anymore but I absolutely LOVE it. So what if you get a little bird seed in your hair?! It is so much fun and it makes for some awesome photos. 

Once the reception got started it was just one huge downtown party at Sea La Vie. So much love and joy was surrounding these two and I had so much fun getting to photograph all of their family and friends, who also happen to be my friends too! Devin and Brad, you guys are such a gorgeous couple, inside and out! You made my job too easy! It was such an honor being a part of your day and it will be something I cherish and remember forever. Love you both.


Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray Photography, Berlin, MD, United States

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