Bahamas // Kayla + Scott


Kayla and Scott are avid travelers so from the time we met, our conversations always brought us back to the adventures we had all been on. Scott studied abroad in Australia and lived there for a few years and Kayla studied abroad for nursing in South Africa, working with mothers and babies. So, I don't think it came as a surprise when they told their family and friends they were going to have a destination wedding in the Bahamas. You are probably thinking, fancy all inclusive resort wedding... nope, this wedding was on a small island, filled with friendly locals, fisherman, golf carts for transportation, and tons of amazing beaches that at any given time, you were the only one in sight. From the airport, it then takes one small puddle hopper plane, one taxi, and one ferry boat to get you to Green Turtle Cay. So the adventure for Kayla & Scott’s wedding literally started when you packed your bags.

When I shoot destination weddings, I don’t always get to do too much exploring. So it was such a treat when I had a full day to roam Green Turtle Cay Island, relax, and shoot just for fun. Wedding days are amazing but their is always that pressure of staying on track with the timeline for the day. So the day before, I revved up my golf cart (reluctantly, as I had never driven one before!) and drove all around the tiny island. As small as it may be, it is packed with places to see. I spent a few hours walking through town, talking with some nice locals, and taking photos of a place that just shouts, you are in the BAHAMAS! Brightly painted homes and buildings, palm trees, wooden docks leading out to crystal clear water, fisherman, and so much more. After I bought a hat in a local shop, (because yes, I went to the Bahamas and forgot to bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen… I still don’t know what I was thinking!) I left town and searched for a few different beaches Kayla and Scott had mentioned. I even timed it out perfectly to visit them all during the times we would hopefully be shooting there the next day. At one point, after making my way to the most remote beach on the island, down a long and bumpy path through the jungle, I got my golf cart stuck in the sand…. and THANK. THE. LORD. I had run into a few of Kayla and Scott’s wedding guests who rescued me!! So needless to say, after that I decided to stay on a smooth trail and found myself drinking a beer at a tiki hut on the beach. This day in my life definitely goes down as a favorite.

For this entire trip the weather was amazing. Despite getting caught in a few night time showers, Kayla and Scott couldn’t have asked for better weather. While Kayla got ready down at the Green Turtle Club, Scott and his groomsmen got dressed in a row of colorful cottages on a different part of the island. When it came time for the first look, we headed to one of Kayla and Scott’s favorite beaches. I loved this first look because I don’t think Kayla was expecting Scott to cry… so when she realized he was crying she was surprised and jokingly called him out on it! It was a sweet and funny moment and I loved getting to document that reaction!

The coolest part about Green Turtle Cay is that because of its size, you can have all different parts of your wedding day around the island. Kayla and Scott utilized all of their favorite beaches for the day! Kayla got ready on the White Sound Bay, they had their first look at Ocean Beach, the ceremony took place at Bita Bay, sunset photos at Coco Bay, and then the reception back on the Marina at Green Turtle Club. I think all the guests had fun scooting around their golf carts! Which brings me to another amazing moment. Kayla’s dad surprised her with decorating their getaway golf cart after the ceremony. It was so incredible and looked like a professional florist decorated the cart! It was all her pop and I loved that.

The night carried on under the stars and bistro lights with a local band and the clubs signature Tipsy Turtle drink in everyones hand. I may have had a few myself : ) Kayla and Scott, I truly could never thank you enough for bringing me to the Bahamas, for your kindness, hospitality, and eating breakfast with me every morning. : ) You guys became instant friends and I feel blessed to have been able to document your love.

Shout out the the amazing vendors!!

VENUE // Green Turtle Club

PLANNER // Sarah at Green Turtle Club

CATERING & CAKE // Green Turtle Club

FLORALS // Buds N Blooms

BAND // New Entry Band

DRESS // Martina Liana

A few Fuji400h film scans sprinkled through out this post as well! Scans by @Photovisionprints

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hawaii // Kyra & Kale


This shoot means a great deal to me.

Not only was I blessed by meeting Kyra and Kale, two incredibly kind and passionate human beings, but I also shot my first full session on almost all film.

This is also the first time I would consider a shoot to be “hybrid”. Shooting both film and digital and then integrating them together. In the past I steered away from trying to match my digitals to my film for a few reasons. The number one reason is because when sifting through the photos, I almost always prefer the film scans. So I just ditch the digitals all together! The second reason is because I was busy and just didn’t have the time to try and learn how to match my digitals to my film scans. Well I knew for this session I wanted to practice and figure it out. And also because Kyra and Kale never took a bad photo… so a lot of my digitals were impossible to ditch.

So what you see in this post is a mix of film and digital. (70% film, 30% digital)

My friend Robyn, an amazing wedding photographer in Maui, was kind enough to connect me with Kyra, who is also a super talented wedding photographer! I am so grateful for the community over competition mentality that so many of us share <3 I also love that Kale is a full time fitness coach and part time wedding officiant! So we all had a lot of common ground when it came to photography and the wedding industry. But I must say, what I enjoyed most during this hike with Kyra and Kale was the love, passion, and respect they showed towards the land they grew up on. The words and wisdom they shared with me in such a short amount of time was so priceless and I will cherish those moments forever. I left with a full heart and a lot of Maui mud on my Birkenstocks.

Mahalo Kyra and Kale. I know we will meet again!

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