Caroline & Adam are Married!


Caroline and Adam were my very first couple booked for 2017. In fact, when Caroline reached out to me in 2016 (at 2:05am in the morning), her email started with "Happy New Year!!" because she knew that the first of the new year, I would start booking for the following year to come. Lets be honest though, I was anxiously awaiting that email too! These two are THE cutest thing on Earth and I knew I had to be a part of this day! 

I feel like Caroline and Adams first conversation with each other describes them perfectly. Which is why I have to tell you about it! It went a little something like this...

As Caroline was leaving Peppers Tavern in Ocean City she shouted, "Hey you! You're cute!"

In reply, Adam pointed at her and shouted back, "Hey! so are you!"

After their first official date at Burley Oak Brewing Co., the rest is history. After dating for some time, Adam took Caroline by the Peppers Tavern before sadly, it was being torn down. Posted up outside of the bar was a big sign that said "Hey! Your'e Cute!" From there he got down on one knee and asked Caroline to marry him <3

As owner and designer of her handmade fine jewelry company called CFD Fine Jewelry, I had no doubt that this wedding was going to be just as beauitful and creative as her own artistry. I loved that she made both her and Adams wedding bands and all the earrings for her bridesmaids. Caroline shares her studio space with Brian Robertson, owner of Berlin Printery. So of course, her invitation suite was made right there in shop by Brian himself! So much thoughtful and creative detail went into this day. Another meaningful addition to the day was their Wedding Ale brewed just for their big day by Burley Oak Brewing Company. And who better to grace the label of their beer can then their very own pup Marlo! 

I could spend forever writing about how every detail had a special and meaningful story. But Ill mention one last thing, and its a pretty big one! What's so cool is that when Caroline and her sister were younger, they actually worked at Furnace Town and dressed the part in the 1800's clothing. They have a beauitful black and white photo of them walking towards the furnace and I was honored enough to recreate that photo for them on the wedding day. I think we got pretty darn close to the original! <3

Caroline and Adam, you guys are goofy and I love it! You radiate joy and it spreads to those around you. Its contagious, inspiring, and I was blessed to document the immense love you have for each other. Hope you two are having an amazing honeymoon in Hawaii! 


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