Gina & Jislain are Married!


Sometimes love is found in the most obvious places, and sometimes it's not. A story of chance, where a string of events leads two people into the same place at the exact same time, and above all else, in another part of the world. Had the stars not aligned, they may have never crossed paths again. But when I met Gina and Jislain, I knew in just moments of watching them, that their love was never by chance, only by fate. It happened unexpectedly in Hamburg, Germany. When Gina overheard Jislain order a Strawberry Daiquiri from afar, it brought the first of many smiles to her face. After striking up conversation and an exchange of numbers, it wasn't long before these two were spending every day together in Germany. Falling for each other didn't take long. Talking about all of life's biggest questions, like how many kids they wanted, and even naming their future pup Tiga... Soon enough they were traveling back to NYC where they would continue their lives together. 

Gina & Jislain, thank you so much for bringing me to New York and allowing me to document such a beauitful day in your lives. Your love for each other and the people around you is inspiring and I was blessed to spend this day capturing all of it. My heart is overflowing and I am so excited to see what adventures come your way as mari et femme! 



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