FILM // A Bali Adventure


This was my third time traveling to Bali, Indonesia. It has a special place in my heart because my brother Tim lives here and well, because it's heaven on Earth. I've photographed this magical place each time... but this was the first time I lugged, what feels like, a 50lb medium format camera with me! And thank goodness I did. This was the outcome. After the last two shoots where I underexposed, I made sure that wasn't going to happen this time! Just ask my husband Drew, I sat in the Singapore Airport on the phone with Photo Vision as they coached me through my mistakes and helped me figure out what my next best step would be. (Photo Vision is amazing btw). 

Thankfully with their advice I exposed correctly this time! Trust me, waiting for these film scans to come back was agonizing!! But as soon as I pulled up the first file, I took a huge sigh of relief. I was so happy with them. 

The second half of this shoot was from my brothers 40th birthday celebration! It also happened to fall near their 5 year wedding anniversary, as well as their son Maxims 1st birthday! So of course that called for a photo shoot : ) 

FILM // Fuji400h

LAB // Photo Vision


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