Alex & Mike are Married!



This photo ^^^ just says it all. Really, I feel I don't even need to say anything because the love and happiness from this day just pours out of these photos like a storybook.

"This was the best day of our lives", I hear this all the time as a wedding photographer. This little phrase has BIG meaning, and when Alex referred to this day as just that, I had not a sliver of doubt that it was true. Even if I tried to come up with something negative about this day, I couldn't. Every moment was blissful, every laugh was genuine, and every tear was a joyful one. The love was so present between these two and they really made my job so easy. To be honest, their laughter was contagious and hard to keep up with! Never before when editing, have I contemplated eliminating some "laughing photos" because there were just so many. Don't worry guys, your getting them all : )

So I began to think about all of the awesome details of this day and again, Id be writing a book if I did this in paragraph form... so here it goes. 


1. Mike and Alex's home. Its absolutely adorable and I was so glad the girls decided to get ready here! 

2. Alex & Mike love all things bicycles. It was this re occurring (yet unintentional) theme throughout their engagement and I had fun incorporating it into their big day! 

3. The groomsmen bow ties.... and watching them struggle to tie them. 

4. Mike's smile and contagious laugh

5. The instrument wall in their home... I was drawn to this right away and knew I had to take an awesome photo of Alex in front of it : ) 

6. Speaking of instruments, Mike, along with Alex's dad and brother are extremely talented musicians! Zach (Alex's brother) played their first dance song and her dad jammed out all night with the blue grass band. 

7. The traditional brass band they had play during the ceremony and cocktail hour was AMAZING! If happiness had a sound, it would sound like this.

8. Mike and Alex had a second line brass band parade after their ceremony... every wedding ceremony should have this. Just saying. It was again, the happiest moment I've ever witnessed! 

9. Both first looks. Alex with her dad and Alex with Mike... all the happy tears!

10. "after this were getting tacos" totes... and the truth behind it. You just cant go wrong with serving tacos at your wedding!

11. The water taxi that took guests to the wedding!

12. The struggle to get Mikes ring on during the ceremony. Needless to say, you will not see a "ring shot" in this blog post : ) 

13. Cheese fondue fountain and hot sauce favors. YES.

14. I almost forgot the fact that it was in Florida!!! Palm trees and a perfect day...I only scratched the surface with this list but I think its enough to make everyone reading this wish they were there. 

One of the coolest parts about all of this is that both Alex and Mike went to high school with me! So needless to say, this felt a little bit like a 10 year reunion. It was so much fun to see so many familiar faces from high school and catch up with some old friends. I am actually in one of the photos on this blog post! Thats a first! 

Mike and Alex, thank you so much for bringing me to Florida to capture the best day of your lives! Knowing you two, this is only the beginning of so many amazing days to come. All the love to you both on your next adventures as husband and wife! 


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