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Now if this doesn't shout "This Is Us" I don't know what does! I am SO incredibly lucky to have amazing couples that trust me to shoot them completely on film!

 I photographed Crystal and Greg with their motorcycles almost 3 years ago on this same dirt road and here we are again with their son Ryder... life is beautiful folks!

Fuji400h & Portra800 Scanned by PhotoVision


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Emily, Tim, + Oliver


I was so excited when Emily contacted me to have a mini family session this fall. I shot their wedding last September and it was one of the most beautiful days of the year. For Christmas, Emily's brother had a bench built and dedicated to Emily and Tim at Furnace Town where they held their wedding reception. First of all, thats the best gift ever and second of all, what a perfect place to have your first family photos just one year later! This was the first time Emily and Tim had been back to Furnace Town since their wedding and it was exciting to see the bench for the first time and how perfectly it overlooked one of their favorite moments as they were introduced as husband and wife and also where they had their first dance.

I know I talk about my baby fever every time I blog a family.. don't worry, I realize that. BUT come on, just look at this family and tell me I don't have good reason!? Oliver was in such good spirits and had so many adorable faces. I could barley contain myself and obviously as soon as I got home I uploaded all the photos and began to show my husband every last one. 

Oliver is one lucky baby and I think he knows it. Emily and Tim are so in love with their son and I loved watching them make him smile and laugh during our shoot. I have no doubt that Oliver will grow up surrounded by an overwhelming amount of love and although it seems this family can't get much more beautiful, I can't wait to see what the future holds for these three.



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