The "best of" Kids Edition



Kids are one of the most magical parts of a wedding day. Documenting them is easily one of the BEST parts of my job.

I made the tough decision a few years ago to step away from shooting family sessions so I could give 100% of myself to my wedding couples. In this, I think my love and passion for documenting the little ones during a wedding has become even stronger. And now that I am a mama myself, forget about it! I get sappy over anything at a wedding, especially if it has to do with the kids! 

I remember attending weddings when I was little and it always felt like such a dream. To dress up, to see the bride and groom kiss, dance, and make eyes at each other... when your little, these things are magnified times 1000! You are witnessing a real life fairytale. The princess and her knight in shining armor.

Its a beauitful and magical thing to witness as a child but I think its even more extraordinary to document as an adult. A reminder that we could all use a little more of this innocent and unwary love in our hearts. 

So in honor of this I've put together a "best of" kids edition! A few of my favorite moments with the littlest ones at the wedding. Enjoy! 


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The Howell Family


This was a truly wonderful afternoon. Watching Whitney and Bryan with their adorable baby boy made me so excited for the adventures of parenthood. Not to mention getting the chance to decorate a nursery as perfect as this nautical themed one for baby Jackson. I would not be lying if I said I went home after this shoot and started a Pinterest board for my future nursery…

Baby Jackson was one month old on the day we took these photos and even though he was a little cranky with mom and dad for switching his outfits while he was trying to sleep, Jackson was such a handsome little man for this shoot. Bryan and Whitney's cute pup Juno was also lucky enough to be a part of this afternoon and he was such a stud. Juno is a true member of this family and although he was a little jealous I was taking more photos of Jackson, I think Juno knows he is one blessed pup to have a family like this.

Whitney and Bryan, congratulations on your sweet baby boy. I have no doubt that Jackson will grow up with an overwhelming amount of love in his life. I wish you all the best in the world.


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