Holly & Luke are Married!


I don’t think I have ever been so mad at the weather channel in my entire life... With hurricane Matthew headed in our direction Holly, Luke, their friends, family, and myself were checking the weather every couple of hours the week leading up to the big day. I mean, for goodness sake! Make. up. your. mind!! You cannot toy with a bride and her photographers emotions by saying 20% chance of rain one minute and then 90% chance the next! How is anyone suppose to live like that! 

Ok, Im done being dramatic. But in all seriousness, with Hurricane Matthew passing just off the coast on Holly and Luke’s wedding day there was no telling what the weather was going to do. And in the grand scheme of things we were SO incredibly blessed to get only rain that day. Id say if you could get any amount of “good luck” on your wedding day, Holly & Luke got the most. Actually, all of it. 

The truth is, when the day was over, I was thankful for the rain. It turned this day into something Holly, Luke, all their guests, and myself will never forget. Holly and Luke’s spirits were high and the only thing they wanted to focus on was getting hitched, the rain was just a bonus : ) How many of us have thought about getting caught in the rain and having to run for cover with someone you love? If your’e like me, and you went to the theatre 7 times to see The Notebook, then you have definitely wished for this! Well, Holly and Luke had a couple of these moments and I felt like I was documenting a movie. Yes, this day was rainy but it was utterly romantic. 

What I love most about Holly and Luke is that they stayed true to themselves and kept thing simple on their wedding day. Holly and Luke chose to marry on their family friends farm, which couldn’t have been a better setting for these two. With his camo hat backwards, shirt untucked, and burley beard Luke waited for his bride to be under the tent. I loved that even with the change in ceremony location, it still seemed like it was always meant to be there. From the barn, Holly walked hand in hand with her brother and father down the long driveway lined with trees. Rain falling, dress dirty, and more beauitful than ever.

No doubt this celebration was going to be one for the books. When Luke pulled up to our engagement session and pulled a 6 pack of beer out of the trunk of the car... I knew a few things 1. i love these two  and 2. The celebration to follow their nuptials was going to be one big party. Just like he surprised me with the beer, Luke and his groomsmen pulled out their cigars and started smoking them right before we were about to do some wedding party photos... Although I felt bad for making them toss them for most of the photos, I LOVED the few shots I got with Holly, Luke, and the cigar... Somehow I felt like it encompassed who they were as a couple so perfectly and that photo will always be a favorite for me, probably for Luke, and maybe for Holly. ; )

Holly and Luke, thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day and share in such special moments. It's so clear that you two are best friends and absolutely meant for each other. I wish you all the best and hope to see you both soon!  


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