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If you only read one part of this note... let it be this.

Lets get right down to it. You are investing thousands of dollars in your wedding photography. But for what?! To click through your files one by one on a computer screen? Sure that’s great for the first or second time around but what about in 5 years? Your USB will likely be outdated... actually its not likely, it WILL be outdated. Or better yet, 30 years from now when you want to show your grandchildren?

Something that really struck me was this...

You or your fiance may think “I don’t need to have an album full of photos of myself”

But ask yourself this. What would you give to have an album of your grandparents wedding day? MIND BLOWN. I had never thought about it this way and suddenly a wedding album became so much more important than ever before. I don’t know about you, but I would give anything to have something this special passed down to me. It becomes a generational heirloom and a priceless keepsake for your family. 

I honestly feel like I could stop there. But if your still not convinced... read on : )



If you are interested in having me document your wedding day then you value photography and the art of storytelling. There is no better way to tell your love story than through the pages of a book. Maybe it’s the photo of your jewelry that was passed down by your grandmother or the photo of your dad, the first time he sees his little girl in her wedding dress. Without a wedding album, these are the moments that will get lost in the hundreds of digital files and likely only looked at once or twice. These details are valuable to you and they should get the attention they deserve.  



Yes, the digital age has its perks and sharing photos has never been easier. But don’t you think there is something missing? The tangible value of a printed photograph. When you hand your album over to a friend or family member, watch as they run their hand over the cover and feel the pages between their fingers. They’re engaging with your photographs with more than just their visual sense. Not to mention, the thought of only having your photos in digital space land is a little scary right? Printing and having an album insures that your photos will always be there. It is a permanent back up of your most cherished photos and memories. 



So the wedding is finally over and reality sets back in. It’s back to work and free time becomes more and more limited. Doing something with your digital wedding photos is still somewhere on that to do list but when that free time arrives, all you want to do is relax, unwind, and maybe drink a glass of wine in front of the tv. I am right there with you! By giving me the task, you will receive your digital photos AND your wedding album just 4-6 weeks after your big day! No hassle, no worries. Just a beautiful and professional display of your memories at your fingertips.




Wondering why I said the word quality 3 times? Well here’s why. Genuine Italian leather, gorgeous linens, Fuji crystal archival deep matte paper (aka the best possible paper used by professional photographers), a thick panoramic page design, custom cover imprinting, made in America. But sure, you can go online to that website... and order a $40 machine processed book that is poorly bound and flimsy. And the worst part, is that no actual human being will ever proof your album before they send it to you! Which more often than not, leads to incorrect and terrible color in your photos... and this makes me REALLY sad. You didn’t invest thousands of dollars for those beautiful moments to be poorly printed. Mass printing company = mass printing quality.

What Im trying to say is this, I have spent countless hours researching and testing products over the years, trying to find the best possible album. A product that will last a lifetime for you and the generations to follow. I can promise that when you hold your wedding album in your hands for the first time, you will be so thankful you made that decision.