asheville // Meghan & Jimmy


They met on a train. Heading back to Brooklyn from the same Jason Isbell concert. Her friends spotted his friends and it didn’t take long before two complete strangers were wrapped up in conversation for the entire trip home.

First of all, what is it about trains that make any story 10x more romantic?! Secondly, listening to both of their best friends recount this story in their speeches was so amazing. I love that the people Meghan and Jimmy were with the night they met, were also standing beside them on their wedding day. Not only do Jimmy and Meghan have their own perspective of the night, but so do their best friends. I just imagine them all telling this story over and over again as they get older. To their children, to their grandchildren... What an amazing memory to share.

I think it was during that first train ride that Meghan and Jimmy realized how much they had in common. I admire that their shared love for music, art, and so much more, reflected in their wedding day. With Jimmy’s North Carolina roots and many meaningful trips to Asheville it was an obvious choice when they decided to get hitched in this eclectic city in the mountains. 

As far as the venue goes, I don’t think Meghan and Jimmy could have picked a better spot. These two have a serious appreciation for good food! Jimmy is, in Meghan’s words, “essentially a professional chef”, grew up on a farm, and is a produce buyer for a non profit food-hub in Philly. So delicious food was a must and not only did Buxton Hall BBQ have amazing food but also an amazing space! This was their FIRST wedding! And I have no doubt it will be the first of many. 

Now, lets get one thing straight, I am not fashionable. But I love photographing fashionable people and admire them! Its an art, and I’ll admit that it’s not one that I’m good at. But documenting it is another story! Meghan’s biggest creative outlet is fashion and she has worked in fashion for a long time. So I knew that whatever they were wearing was going to be amazing. But as soon as I saw them on their wedding day I almost died...In the best way possible. Meghan wore a simple and beautiful Morgan Le Fay dress and Jimmy wore a custom nudie suit by Union Western Clothing. Meghan also had custom jackets made for her girls and in 7 years, I’ve never had so much photographing a group of beautiful friends. 

I know I say this often, but I never thought, all these years later, I would get to reconnect with so many of my classmates from high school. Meghan and her twin sister Morgan both went through school with me and its been so cool to catch up with them all these years later. Especially on such an important occasion. Thankful is an understatement these days <3

I shot mostly digital but was stoked when Meghan asked me to shoot a few rolls of film too. So there are a handful of Portra 800 shots sprinkled in here. <3

Shout out to the amazing team of vendors!

Photography // @smurrayphoto

Florals // @springvine

Day of Coordinator // @birdieandshoosh

Hair & Make up // @turnerandcobridal

Venue // @buxtonhallbbq

DJ // @djlilmeowmeow

Invites & paper // @goodsgang

Dress // @morganelefay_ny

Suit // @union_western_clothing

Jackets // @rustycuts

Film Lab // @photovisionprints

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hawaii // Kyra & Kale


This shoot means a great deal to me.

Not only was I blessed by meeting Kyra and Kale, two incredibly kind and passionate human beings, but I also shot my first full session on almost all film.

This is also the first time I would consider a shoot to be “hybrid”. Shooting both film and digital and then integrating them together. In the past I steered away from trying to match my digitals to my film for a few reasons. The number one reason is because when sifting through the photos, I almost always prefer the film scans. So I just ditch the digitals all together! The second reason is because I was busy and just didn’t have the time to try and learn how to match my digitals to my film scans. Well I knew for this session I wanted to practice and figure it out. And also because Kyra and Kale never took a bad photo… so a lot of my digitals were impossible to ditch.

So what you see in this post is a mix of film and digital. (70% film, 30% digital)

My friend Robyn, an amazing wedding photographer in Maui, was kind enough to connect me with Kyra, who is also a super talented wedding photographer! I am so grateful for the community over competition mentality that so many of us share <3 I also love that Kale is a full time fitness coach and part time wedding officiant! So we all had a lot of common ground when it came to photography and the wedding industry. But I must say, what I enjoyed most during this hike with Kyra and Kale was the love, passion, and respect they showed towards the land they grew up on. The words and wisdom they shared with me in such a short amount of time was so priceless and I will cherish those moments forever. I left with a full heart and a lot of Maui mud on my Birkenstocks.

Mahalo Kyra and Kale. I know we will meet again!

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