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Now if this doesn't shout "This Is Us" I don't know what does! I am SO incredibly lucky to have amazing couples that trust me to shoot them completely on film!

 I photographed Crystal and Greg with their motorcycles almost 3 years ago on this same dirt road and here we are again with their son Ryder... life is beautiful folks!

Fuji400h & Portra800 Scanned by PhotoVision


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Autumn Meets Old World


It's hard to believe this styled shoot was back in May! This spring and summer wedding season got the best of me and sometimes I have to force myself to put personal projects on the back burner. This shoot was a HUGE learning experience for me and to be honest, it was a difficult one! 

I would say about 95% of these images are all shot with my film camera (scanned by the amazing Photovision). I took some back up shots with my digital camera and couldn't help but put a couple of those in as well. This shoot was shot almost entirely in a beautifully natural lit church, yet for film, this still poses a challenge! Especially with the type of film I was shooting with. Lesson learned! This was also one of the reasons it took some time for me to share. Unlike my very first shoot that exposed perfectly (beginners luck!) this shoot needed some special love and attention in Lightroom : ) Most of the shoot was underexposed which causes haze, low contrast, and even some weird color casts with film. So although I still loved the images, I had to take them into Lightroom and give them more life! In the end I am still SO happy with the outcome.

I have had this vision to create a very timeless old world bridal shoot for the longest time! Something that made you feel like you had stepped back into time. Romantic and inspired by the rich colors of fall. (even though it was shot in May!) So instead of shooting it digital, I thought this would be the perfect time to pull out my Pentax and go for it! I think the film definitely lends to the old world theme. 


A couple more thoughts about the contributors to this shoot, who I am INCREDIBLY thankful for! 


MODEL: JACKIE MUMPER - This truly all started because of you my love!! Jackie was a bride of mine this past June! Yes, she got dressed up and pretended to be my bride for this shoot and exactly one month later, she got married for real!! So thankful she was willing to be a part of this! I mean, I couldn't have asked for a more beauitful subject!

VENUE: HISTORIC ST. MARTINS CHURCH - When thinking of a venue for this shoot, my heart was set on the Historic St. Martins Church in Berlin, Maryland. This is a magical place. You truly step back into time when you enter this late 1700's church and their is something so peaceful and romantic about it. When I have brides looking for a unique indoor wedding location in the area, this is always my first recommendation. I was SO incredibly grateful that Sherrie and Laura from the church, were so welcoming to willing to open the church for me for this shoot. Thank you a million time over!!

BRIDAL GOWN: RACHEL ZOE - Jackie actually helped me find this dress for the shoot! Finding the perfect dress for this shoot deemed to be a more difficult task than I imagined! I really wanted it to feel like something from the past. I think if we had chosen something more modern or contemporary, it just would have felt out of place. So when Jackie sent me the link to this dress I knew right away it was the one! The caped back was incredible! I couldn't have imagined anything more.

JEWELRY: CFD FINE JEWELRY - Caroline is an amazing artist and also another bride of mine!! (My brides are amazing!) Caroline got married only 3 days after this styled shoot!! Are you kidding me?! So thankful she was willing to lend me her amazing custom rings for this and be a part of the shoot. Even though it was just 3 days before her very own wedding! This is the second styled shoot I've used Caroline's jewelry because, well, they are gorgeous!! And I truly felt they went right along with this old world theme. 

MAKE UP ARTIST: REBECCA RITCHIE - Another favorite! Im telling you, I had the dream team supporting me on this day! Rebecca was doing Jackie's make up trial for her wedding day so it was the perfect opportunity to pick May 17th for the styled shoot! And of course Jackie looked incredible!! 

FLORALS: FLOURISH FLORAL ARTISTRY AND DESIGN - Maddie is a dear friend and I swoon over everything she creates! When sharing my vision with her I had no doubt she was going to create something even more incredible than I was imagining! The silk ribbon for the bouquet and table runner were none other than Silk and Willow <3

DESSERT: THE BROOKLYN BAKING BARONS - I know most styled wedding shoots include a pretty white cake but I had no intentions of that! I knew right away that I wanted those delicious honey whiskey cakes on display and I was so thankful that Chris and Tony were willing to be a part of this shoot. First of all, if you haven't had one of these yet. What are you doing with your life? Secondly, these mini whiskey cakes gave the unique twist on this shoot that I was looking for. They fit in so well with the theme and even gave a nice pop of color with all the more muted tones. 

STATIONARY/CALLIGRAPHY: LULU'S LETTER CO. - Sometimes social media can be a drag, but most of the time I am incredibly thankful and appreciative for it! I met Misty on a creatives group when I reached out looking for a calligrapher who wanted to be a part of the shoot! I was specifically looking for someone with this "old world" style in writing and as soon as I saw Misty's work, I knew I HAD to have her be a part of this! Without too much direction, Misty went to work and sent me a wedding suite that I couldn't have dreamt up myself! It was STUNNING! and more than I could have ever asked for!! I especially loved her attention to detail. The string, wax seal, and even the amazing envelope liner that was a map... it was just perfect. 


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