Barn 34


When Mary Ann Lawson contacted me about shooting the Grand Opening of Barn 34 in Ocean City, I knew that I had to be the one to document the beginning of such an exciting adventure.

When I heard that the Pirates Den was going to be closed and knocked down a few years back, I was really sad but mostly concerned... Where was I ever going to get a breakfast as delicious as theirs?!  Besides their food being amazing, I had a very special place in my heart for the Pirates Den. My very first summer job was working at the Pirates Galley and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to show me the ropes. If anyone was sad about the Den closing, it was my dad. He had been playing pool at the Pirates Den for longer than he can remember and I always loved listening to the stories he would come home with. I was also lucky to know Mike Jr. through high school and even ran into him while on my trip to Bali a couple years back. While we were there, Mike was telling me all about the ideas and plans he had for their new restaurant they were hoping to open. Well as soon as we got back from Bali, I heard about what was soon to be called Barn 34.

For about the next two years, Mike, his parents, and a team of incredibly talented carpenters and workers turned this one of a kind building into arguably the coolest, most unique restaurant and bar in Ocean City. Reconstructed with almost all of its original barn wood, the use of antique light fixtures mixed with new modern ideas, and giving homage to the great history of Ocean City on it's walls, are just a few examples of why this place is so great. And Im not just saying that because I love these people, I am saying this because it is truly the most incredible atmosphere and it is exactly what Ocean City was missing.

I am so excited for the Lawson family and for the success I know they are going to achieve with Barn 34. Now serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, make sure you stop in if you haven't already! I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


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Bohemian Woodland Evening with Little Miss Lovely


Where do I begin?

This evening was absolutely perfect. I was already ecstatic about the vision Ami of Little Miss Lovely had in store for this styled bridal shoot but when everything came together and the light was so unparalleled to any light I had ever seen before, it was enough to make anyone (especially  a photographer) wish that time would stand still in that moment and never move. Although the sun didn't grant my wish, I used every second of this rare golden hour to capture all the amazing details and beautiful components that Ami had brought to life.

Woodsy, pure, and innocent. These are the words Ami used to best describe this shoot. "I wanted to capture the feeling of a free-spirited young woman ready to set forth in a new journey in life. Lots of vintage maps, lots of textural fabrics, lots of wood items mixed with vintage metals." The Rackliffe Plantation House, which dates back to the eighteenth century, was the perfect setting to achieve this vision. The staggering trees, the tall grasses that are incredibly rich in color, and the red brick walls of the house that brought a sense of history and age to the scene are only a few ingredients of what made this evening so magical.

Along with carefully choosing a location for this bridal shoot, Ami designed and created every last detail involved. A table set for two was decorated with the most stunning center piece and pops of blue in the dish ware made for the perfect sweetheart table. Set back in the trees was the most fantastic cake table. Atop a wood slice rested a naked cake by Desserts by Rita and adorned with fresh cut flowers and fruit by Ami. Both the sweetheart table and cake table were draped in ivory canvas and given maps to cover the tabletop. The most spectacular detail of the evening was the simple tent. Strung up from one tree to another, it was layered in canvas, lace, blue and white stripes, and just a touch of gold fabric that sparkled when hit by the sun.

Lastly and most importantly was Ami's model Page. She wore a relaxed bohemian dress, stunning jewelry and accessories from our very own Ish Boutique, and the most incredible and versatile boots from South Moon Under. With this casual bridal look Ami also gave Page a simple flower crown and a bouquet with blue and white striped ribbon to tie into the theme.

For Ami, the goal was to create something that felt innocent, young, and ethereal. Something that would leave you seeking a getaway. As the photographer, I found myself daydreaming through the entire editing process, imagining and conspiring about where my next adventure would be. Hopefully the same will happen for you! I loved every minute of this styled shoot and I am so thankful I was able to be a part of Little Miss Lovely's vision. Thanks to all the contributors and local businesses that were involved, this shoot was extra special because of you!

Styling & Flowers: Little Miss Lovely

Location: Rackliffe Plantation House

Model: Page Watts

Dress: Shopbop

Jewelry & Accessories: Ish Boutique

Boots: South Moon Under

Cake: Desserts by Rita

Dish-ware: Burkedecor

Invitation:  Wedding Paper Divas


Thanks again to Little Miss Lovely for letting me be a part of such a beautiful vision! If you enjoyed this blog post please share with friends and family and spread the love!

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