hawaii // Kelsey + curt



Aloha! Where do I even start?!

Lets just say this shoot has been in the works for years! Kelsey and I have tried to make our schedules align a few times in the past. We are both from the same town back in Maryland but with busy summer schedules it just never worked out when they came back for a visit. But I think everything happens for a reason because I am so thankful we were finally able to connect in Maui, Hawaii! 

Kelsey and Curt have lived here for a few years now and it has definitely become their home. Whether its surfing, yoga, hiking, or so many other travels, these two are always up for an adventure! One thing that I admire so much about Kelsey is her perseverance and positivity. You would never know from these photos that just last year she was in a terrible car accident involving a drunk driver. She broke her femur bone and with Curt by her side, spent most of this year restoring her strength. I truly don't think she skipped a beat. And you best believe she was back in the water faster than you could imagine!

Like I've said before, their love and passion for the water is almost as strong as their love for each other. So combining the two was a no brainer. 


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