Jenna & Max are Engaged!


I've known Max since I was about 13 years old. After high school, college, and all the busy moments of life over the past few years, it had been awhile since I had seen him last. Well Max is the type of person that you can always pick back up right where you started. No awkward introductions or conversations, just the same old Max! Lots of humor, lots of sarcasm. ; ) I love this guys heart and as soon as I met Jenna it was no brainer why these two are absolutely meant for each other. Jenna's joyful and just as humorous personality went hand in hand with his. Just two minutes into the shoot and they were already making each other laugh and making my job a piece of cake. I am over the moon to be shooting their wedding day in just a couple months! I already know those photos and memories are going to be some of my favorite of the entire year! I mean, their getting hitched on Cinco De Mayo... Taco bar, piñata, margaritas... say no more. 

Also, I should mention, this shoot looks really warm but it was absolutely freezing. High five to Max and Jenna for killing it! Despite having no feeling left in their feet by the end! 


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