dc // Becca & Fox


It was over a few drinks at their favorite DC restaurant, Beucharts Saloon, when Becca & Fox decided to change their entire wedding. From a big venue to a small intimate ceremony on the Potomac River. Personal vows, with only their closest friends and family as their witnesses. Followed by a tapas lunch and then right back to where the whole idea started, a reception at the tiny and oh so endearing saloon. 

Becca and Fox wanted this day to be documented almost 100% candidly. This is always music to my ears. It’s what I live for as a wedding photographer and I am so incredibly grateful for couples like Becca & Fox, who invite me into such an intimate and beauitful day in their lives. 

So it was safe to say, as I started editing their photos, this was going to go straight to the blog! I think these photos tell a beauitful love story and I am so happy to share them with you!


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