Kim & Brian are Married!



Garden weddings, coastal weddings, farm weddings, they are all some of my favorite things. But do you know what I absolutely love documenting? A wedding that takes place in the heart of a bustling city. The energy is electrifying and the backdrops are unending. Kim and Brian call Baltimore their home and the city they couldn't help but fall in love with. To be completely honest, growing up at the beach, I seldom visit Baltimore. But every time I drive over the bridge and make my way to the Inner Harbor, I find something new and beautiful with each visit.

This wedding day was one of those days. An unexpectedly warm April day and everyone was outside enjoying it! We walked from the church, to Federal Hill, and then across the harbor to the World Trade Center where Kim and Brian danced the night away. Talk about getting the best of downtown Baltimore in all your wedding photos! The view from Federal Hill was amazing and the almost 360 views from the WTC was breathtaking. I can promise you, there is no better view of downtown Baltimore than from that reception room! 

Kim and Brian, your love for each other is so vibrant and beauitful. Just like the city you love so much! I cant thank you enough for allowing me to capture all those things in one day. They were moments filled with so much joy and there is no denying that there will be many more days like this in your future. All the love to you two! 


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