Meghan & Brian are Married!


Last year I photographed Meghan and Brian in the heart of the place they call home, Brooklyn, NY. As soon as the night ended, I drove 4 hours home, dreaming of what their wedding day was going to be like. I knew after their engagement session with the NYC skyline behind them, it was going to be nothing short of spectacular. Just like those bright city lights, the George Peabody Library takes your breath away. Even with being inside these walls before, the overwhelming feeling that you get when you walk through those doors is magical. It feels like a mythical place that could only exists in fairytales. 

I loved spending the morning with Meghan and all her closest friends and family. It is always so special to watch the love and bond between parents and siblings. This is one close knit family and I could tell they were so grateful for each other, especially on this day. 

Brian and Meghan wanted nothing more than a huge party with their friends and family and thats exactly what they got. With an amazing live band, the party never stopped. This crowd gave me unlimited entertainment and a lot of photo worthy moments on the dance floor : ) 

Meghan and Brian, thank you so much for allowing me to be with you on this amazing day and document so much joy and happiness in your lives. All the love to you both <3


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