FILM // A Mothers Love


This shoot is so special to me... I had Alison and her sweet daughter Evelyn in front of my camera and my goodness, I am still SO in love with these images. The bond and love between a mother and her daughter is such a special and magical thing. I left this shoot dreaming of what June would be like at this age.. just the sweetest moments with these two. 

This was only my second time ever shooting film! Just crazy to think about.. Shooting children can already be such a tricky task but have I mentioned that my lens is only manual focus... yea. Talk about seeing the perfect shot come and go so quickly! Shooting digital, I would have shot 10 frames in a row just to maybe save one! But when shooting film, each frame is so important. 

Unfortunately I totally underexposed this shoot! Dang it!! I was so mad at myself... it was a silly error and I've definitely learned my lesson! So the photos have been adjusted as best I could in Lightroom to compensate with the underexposure. The tough thing about underexposed film is that not only are the photos darker than you want but they also get muddy in the shadows, much lower contrast, and there are major color shifts... These photos are actually a little warmer than I normally would like. But overall, considering the mistakes, I am still happy with the outcome! 

I also shot one roll of B&W which you will see at the bottom!

FILM // Fuji400h + Kodak Tri-X 400

LAB // Photo Vision 


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