Ali & Zach are Married!



I’ll never forget the first chat I had with Ali and Zach about the plans for their wedding day. It was a phone conversation and while I sat in my office with the view of my backyard, those two were at the Badlands National Park in South Dakota,  watching the sunset at their campsite for the night. Amidst their cross country road trip, Ali and Zach were simultaneously planning their wedding, trying to decide which city in America they wanted to move to, all while making some big career changes. Thats a lot of decision making for any couple in one year! But then again, were talking about Ali and Zach here... and after one phone conversation with these two I knew this was only the beginning of what they had in store for their futures. 

Speaking of that phone conversation so many months ago, I just have to say that the chemistry between these two was electric. I know, I wasn’t even with them in person but the amount of laughter and joy that I heard through my phone that night was enough for me to know that these two are meant for each other. Listening to them cut each other off to tell their versions of how they had their first date, fell in love, and so many other funny stories was priceless. I knew right away that this wedding day was going to be about love and joy. It was going to be about real moments. I knew that because I could see so much of this just through the phone that night, that they were going to make my job easy on the wedding day.

And they did.

Between Ali's contagious smile. (seriously, her smile!!) and Zach's hip style (aka his manly beard, cool glasses, and sneakers) I didn't have any trouble photographing this duo. But the thing that I loved most about Ali and Zach was that this day was about celebrating with their family and friends. And thats it. Nothing in between. Just real moments with their loved ones that they could remember and cherish forever. I couldn't have asked for a better request and these photos are a prime example of why I love what I do.   

So when two small town people meet in the heart of NYC and fall in love, you can only hope that incorporating a piece of the city they love and lived in for 8 years is reflected in their wedding day. Intertwining the Eastern Shore life with a perfect mix of city style is exactly what Ali and Zach did. With minimal modern accents, couture fashion, and so many bold and contemporary details, this day was the perfect fusion of country side meets Manhattan chic.

One of the last things I want to touch on is their ceremony. Being that Zach and Ali met while working at NBC in New York City, many of their best friends are also in the industry. Not only did they have a friend officiate the wedding for them but they also had a few friends get up and tell bits of their love story. I have never laughed so hard during a ceremony in my life! It was honestly hard to take photos because I just wanted to sit back and watch the show like everyone else! Ali and Zach didn't know what their friends were going to say during the ceremony so I loved capturing their reactions. Absolutely priceless and hilarious moments!

And finally, just to name a few of my favorite things...

1. Ali's Oscar de la Renta Wedding gown

2. The Royal Farm chicken they served as part of their entrees. It doesn't get anymore Eastern Shore than that people.

3. All of Ali and Zach's grandparents, because they were ALL so adorable. 

4. When the wedding party was introduced to the Game of Thrones theme song, carrying swords, axes, and all.  

5. But mostly when Zach surprised Ali, dressed up as Elvis and serenaded her on the dance floor <3 Magic. 

Ali and Zach, thank you so much for allowing me to document this incredible day. So much love and happiness pours out of these photos and I am so blessed to have been their to capture it for you. I have no doubt that your future as husband and wife in Charleston (and beyond) will be filled with even more adventure. 


Big thanks to all those who had part in the day!

Venue: Brittland Manor, MD

Rentals: Eastern Shores Tents & Rentals, MD + Taylor Creative, NYC

Food: Jacob's Pickles, NYC + Royal Farms Fried Chicken + Longboard Cafe, OCMD 

Florals: Flowers by Alison 

Hair: Haute Blow Dry Bar, MD

Make-up: Chloe Ferber, MD 

Donuts: Bib.On, Charleston, SC

Cake: Little Village Bakery, Chestertown

Dress: Oscar de la Renta

Suit: Joseph Abboud

Videographer: The Brand, MD


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