Jacklyn & Matt are Married!


When I first started my business back in 2014, I made the decision to be a part of Berlin’s first ever bridal show. I couldn’t have asked for better timing because I met so many brides that day, and soon after was able to call them MY brides! One of those lovely people was Emily Long. Emily and her family are from Western Maryland and just happened to be visiting for the weekend. They stopped by my little booth and to make a long story short, over the past 3 years I have photographed her wedding. her sisters wedding, and three of her co workers. one of them being Jacklyn and Matt! I love that through the years I have been able to stay connected to all my couples in so many ways. So when Jacklyn and Matt reached out to me about documenting their wedding, I knew I had to be a part of it.

After meeting with Jacklyn and Matt, I was even more sure I had to be their photographer. These two...like two peas in a pod, absolutely made for each other... basically all the adorable words you can use to describe a couple, thats Jacklyn and Matt. When they made a second trip down for their engagement photos... lets just say I should have just given them the award for worlds cutest couple right then and there. The kind of couple that a sad single person would NOT want to be around. Their goofy and silly personalities played off of each other and made my job effortless. I don’t even think I had to ask them to smile or try and make them laugh once! We shot until it was pitch black outside and I couldn't adjust my camera settings anymore. And even then, I was using the street lights to take a couple extra shots.

Well the wedding day arrived and I knew that this day wasn’t going to be any different. The love was overflowing with all of Jacklyn and Matts closest friends and family surrounding them for this day. Jacklyn’sfamily is from England and so many of them flew over for this celebration. This is the main reason that Jacklyn and Matt decided to have an English garden inspired wedding. With their accents, beauitful hats, and the Waverly Mansion as our backdrop, it felt like we were actually in England. 

The ceremony was held at the most beautiful church and even though this part of the day tends to be the most serious... I loved watching Jacklyn and Matt giggle and give each other heart eyes throughout the whole thing. The closer they got to saying I do and sealing their vows with a kiss, the more giddy they were with each other.    

Jacklyn and Matt, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Being a part of your day was so much fun and again, documenting your love was effortless. I know you too will live a long, happy,  and silly life together : )


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