Kelsi & Dan are Married!


Are you guys tired of me telling you how blessed I feel? I think I have said it in the last 10 blog posts... Well as I was editing these photos I came across certain ones that had me stop and think to myself, "Man, I really am blessed to live here." What a cool small town this is! ; ) And I was even lucky enough to grow up on South Main Street,  just a block away from everything. And we are even getting a new ice cream shop! Oh the things I get excited about these days... I told Drew we can never leave Downtown Berlin because soon we are going to have everything we need in walking distance! 

I think the things I love about this little town, are the same things that made Kelsi and Dan come back time and time again. After their first visit a couple years back, they knew they had found a hidden gem. So much so, that Dan decided to propose to Kelsi at the Atlantic Hotel and soon after become husband and wife on the front steps of this historic building. 

I love how intimate Kelsi and Dan's wedding was. With just close friends and family as their witnesses, it made this ceremony and celebration so personal and romantic. But one thing I loved is that even with a small guest list, this group took over all the B&B's and rooms at the Atlantic Hotel in this tiny town. If I saw someone in the local coffee shop, sitting on a rocking chair on the front porch of the hotel, or someone at the front desk, it was most likely a friend or family member of Kelsi and Dan! 

Another very cool part of this day was that Kelsi and Dan chose all local vendors. And by local, I mean, Main street! The amazing desserts were by Baked just across the road and the gorgeous flowers were by the Bleached Butterfly just one block down from the hotel. So many aspects of this day were in true Berlin fashion and I loved that! 

Kelsi and Dan, I am so glad you fell in love with my town and decided to get married here! Thank you so much for allowing me to spend the day with you and your loved ones. It was truly a joy and I am certain I will see you again soon in Berlin! Perhaps an anniversary trip!?


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