Miranda & Cory are Married!


Before the day even arrived, I knew that Miranda and Cory's wedding day was going to be one of the most fun celebrations of the year. When I have couples tell me they are going to have 10 bridesmaids and 11 groomsmen, I don't get nervous, I get REALLY excited! Although I may have to talk a little louder to get everyones attention for photos, it means that there will be twice as much love and laughter happening on their wedding day. Everyone knows I'm a sucker for small intimate weddings but there is nothing like a wedding that says, "We came to party!" and that is exactly what Miranda, Cory, and all their guests came to do.

Like I said, with a big wedding part their is twice as much action happening around me. The entire morning was filled with beauitful gals getting their hair and make up done and just one story below, the groom and his men were hanging out, drinking beers, and cracking jokes. I don't think I ever had a dull moment in this day! It is always a good sign when the groom "warns" me of his friends... It basically means I am going to have a ton of awesome and hilarious photos! Despite the crazy hot day, this crew went out into the blazing sun for me and I will be forever grateful!

Alright this is a shout out to Miranda and Cory's dad's... You two were the absolute best. I think wearing your heart on your sleeve is such a special gift and it was so clear that these two fathers were completely overjoyed and proud of their daughter and son. The first look that Miranda had with her father left me in tears behind my camera and the way Cory's dad would look at his son and give him the strongest bear hugs throughout the day were so sweet. Not to mention the toast that both of them gave to Cory on the porch before the ceremony. It's these types of moments that make me flash forward into the future to my own daughters wedding and hope that she is lucky enough to be surrounded by such respectable and loving gentlemen! 

One of my favorite moments of the day was watching Cory as he anticipated Miranda to walk down the aisle. Normally I have one or two photos of the grooms reaction but I have about 5 of Cory! As every second went on he had a new look on his face... from nervous, to overjoyed, to excited, back to nervous, ... it was the sweetest thing to document!! And this goes for Miranda too... You could see the immense love these two have for each other in just that one moment. From the time Miranda walked out of those double doors, I don't think their eyes ever unlocked from each other. <3 

This reception was like none other I have attended... and I have been to A LOT of receptions! From the moment this wedding party was introduced into the ballroom, the party had officially started. I had a few "firsts" as a photographer too! I wont even explain.. you will just have to see the photos for yourself : ) 

Miranda and Cory, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. It was so much fun and I am so excited to see where your lives take you as Mr & Mrs. Brown. I wish you all the best!




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