Krish & Collin are Married!


I think as we go through the motions of our everyday routine, we can sometimes forget how beauitful life really is. Not just the beauty of nature and the physical world around us but the moments we share with each other as human beings. These encounters and relationships we create are more precious than any earthly thing we own. It feels like a cycle that I go through and every so often my eyes are opened wider than ever before. It is days like Krish and Collin's wedding, that I am reminded to take a step back and be thankful for so much. 

Born on opposite sides of the world and brought up with very contrasting customs and family traditions, it seemed that Krish and Collin finding each other and falling in love, would be an unlikely story. Yet even after attending the same college, living only one block from each other, and both working in Washington, DC, their paths would not cross until traveling thousands of miles to the Holy Land of Israel. With just a walk on the beach and one week of knowing each other, Krish and Collin undoubtedly knew they were going to spend the rest of their lives together. 

When I arrived to the Hyatt in Cambridge, I was greeted by Krish, her mother, and her two aunts. I loved watching as they helped her into her first sari for the Hindu ceremony. I never realized how much time and precision goes into wearing a sari. So many pleats and precise folds, It was like a work of art. After photographing so many white wedding dresses, it was refreshing and truly a gift to document all the vibrancy that came with a Hindu ceremony. The jewelry, flowers, and especially the mandap were all so vivid in color. But as I said, one of the most beautiful parts of this day was witnessing both families come together and share in the Hindu wedding ceremony. In a world that feels so divided, documenting the love between these two families will be a moment I remember and cherish forever. 

After the Hindu ceremony, everyone gathered out on the pier where Krish and Collin would have their Christian wedding ceremony. As the CEO and President of the National Wildlife Federation, it was only fitting that Collin would say his vows surrounded by the water. More importantly, this was a reflection of where Krish and Collin's love story began in Israel. The water would always be a significant part of their journey and including it in their wedding was one of the most important details of the day. 

Krish and Collin had told me about the 7 medley song they had put together for their first dance. It was a surprise to all their guests and although I was excited to see it, I had no idea just how amazing it would be. Within just a few minutes, I think I documented the waltz, line dance, river dance (for Collins Irish roots!), traditional Indian dance, swing dance, and the Nae Nae.. which deems itself a category of its own. I am positive I missed a few but it was certainly the best first dance I have ever photographed! Krish and Collins introduction kicked off the night and the celebrations never ended. I especially enjoyed the speeches given by Collin's sister and Krish's brother. There was so much love and laughter exchanged. It was easy to see that their families were patently waiting for these two to find each other. 

Krish and Collin, thank you for allowing me to share in such beauitful moments. Documenting your wedding day felt like a gift and I will cherish it for years to come. I hope you have many more days as perfect as this one!


A big thank you to my second shoot Kira Nicole Photography and wedding planner Jana at Defined By Design, Events!

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