Chelsea & Jon are Married!


I feel like I talk about the weather in every blog post.. and I tell myself, I should probably not bring up the weather so much. But then again, the weather is SO important on a wedding day. It can change everything! Literally, within a matter of seconds, the entire mood of a wedding can flip. If it rains, the ceremony location may change completely. The bright summertime wedding suddenly becomes a more moody and dark wedding. (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!) If its windy, cloudy, or super sunny and bright... these are all important factors that create a certain vision for the day. And as a photographer, I am constantly on my toes because of the weather! So I am sorry if my weekly "wedding weather" updates are a bit repetitive. But the truth of the matter is, the weather is absolutely crucial for me! My job revolves around it and my photos reflect whatever mother nature decides to throw my way! Anyway, now that I just spent an entire paragraph on weather... I will finish by saying, Chelsea and Jon had beautiful weather for their big day! In the midst of all these rainy weeks, the sun decided to pop out for these two and it was so glorious! What was so cool about this wedding weather was that, as the sun was shining down, we could see all the storm clouds in the distance. The perfect backdrop for their photos.

On arrival to the Hyatt Resort in Cambridge, I spent the first hour with Jon and his groomsmen as they got ready. Although I had already met Chelsea prior to the wedding, I hadn't had the privilege to meet her fiance Jon until the wedding day. Well, as soon as I walked into their suite, I knew this was going to be a super fun group of guys. I think some groomsmen assume that I get annoyed by their antics, but it is quite the opposite. The more outgoing and laid back you are, the better! Well Jon and his men were just that. I didn't have to do much with this crew except stand back and snap away. Not to mention, I got to spend some time with the most adorable ring bearer!! Seriously, the sweetest!

Hanging out with the ladies was no different. Which is always a plus! I think Jon said it best in his vows when he said he never thought he could find someone as weird as him. Don't worry, I don't think you guys are weird! But I loved every bit of your quirkiness and how it reflected into the details of your wedding day. For example, their love of Game of Thrones. It shined through in a couple of ways... Their wedding hashtag was #JONSREDWEDDING. (<< amazing) and Chelsea surprised Jon with a very unique wedding band. The inside has a rose gold dragon scale texture (<< even more amazing). When Chelsea told me how much she loved rose gold and how she was plaining on incorporating it into her color scheme I was so excited. Her jewelry, including her engagement ring is rose gold and I could have spent the entire morning photographing her details. 

Along with thinking I talk too much about the weather, I also think I talk too much about my couples pets... but this one doesn't need an explanation. I think we can all agree that its absolutely necessary. Jon and Chelsea have a pup named Menace and he was such a character. Menace was a true member of this wedding party and he owned it! Once the groomsmen got to the top of the hill during the ceremony, Menace marked his territory right at the front of the aisle! He was proud and without a care in the world, relieved himself for what felt like an eternity, in front of everyone. It gave everyone a good laugh and this is exactly why I think everyones pet should be a part of their wedding... You need that element of surprise once in a while!

After the sweetest first look with her father, Chelsea walked down the aisle to see her future husband for the first time that day. There were tears from both sides and it was so easy to see that these two are meant for each other. Chelsea and Jon, thank you a million times over for allowing me to document this amazing day for you. It was an honor and a privilege. I can only hope that some of your "weirdness" rubbed off on me that day : ) 


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