Allison & Michael are Married!


I received a text from Mike last year and before opening it, I naturally assumed it was to talk about finances... ( I still need to get on that) but I was wrong! He was asking me about my availability for his upcoming wedding! Id like to think I was special when I found out he was engaged and planning his wedding because Im pretty sure it wasn't even "Facebook Official" yet. : ) I couldn't have been more excited to get that text and I was anxious to get together and meet Allison. When we met this past summer for their engagement session I instantly knew why Mike was marrying Allison. In a matter of a couple minutes, I felt like I had made a new friend. She was warm hearted, so kind, and just incredibly beautiful inside and out. Mike looked at Allison during that engagement session with just as much love as he did on their wedding day. I don't have too many grooms that can speak words with only the look in their eyes, but Mike is definitely one of them. Its a rare thing that photographers (especially ones who document love for a living) swoon over!

So the wedding day arrived and I am thankful for the little bit of morning sunshine and blue sky God gave us! Soon after arriving to Heritage Shores, the dark storm clouds rolled in and gave us the unpredictable spring weather we were hoping would be a no show... Luckily for us, Heritage Shores has the most beautiful southern style porches and it was perfect for photos. Not only this, but Allison's color choices for their wedding were so vibrant, it really brightened up everything around us. Although the ceremony was moved indoors, the ballroom was so beautiful thanks to Diamond Productions and Little Miss Lovely! You couldn't have asked for a better back up location. It really was the perfect atmosphere for Mike and Allison to become husband and wife, rain or shine!

One of my favorite parts of this day was when Allison had two first looks. One with her father and one with Mike. I cant say it enough, a fathers love is everything. Now that I am a mother, all I can do is flash forward 20 years and imagine my husband doing the same thing with our daughter, June. Bring on the water works! Giving away your daughter to spend her life with someone else must be one of the hardest things a father and mother has to do! Watching Allison's father turn around and see his daughter in her dress for the first time was, like I said, everything. So much love, so much emotion... 

And then when you think it cant get any better or you cant hold back your own tears any longer, it was Mikes turn... I don't think I need to say much more. What I do know is that one day I can only hope (in the VERY far away future) June will find someone that makes it easier for us to let her go. Just like what Allison's father said in his speech that night, these two were meant for each other and he wasn't the slightest worried that they would live a beautiful life together. Phew!! Warning: emotional, new mom, wedding photographer over here!

Mike and Allison's first look ended just in time because as we started walking back towards the club house, it began to sprinkle. God was trying to warn us with a few light rain drops because just a few seconds later, it started to pour! I was already thankful Allison was willing to be out in the rain but when I bride decides to run in her heels, she wins. 

Ill end this blog with one more part of Mike and Allison's wedding that I just cant leave out... Those dang bobble heads! As gifts for his groomsmen, Mike got each of them their own personal bobble head, of THEMSELVES!! Mike told me about this before the wedding so I had been anxiously waiting to see these things and it was everything I had hoped for.



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