Gina & Ryan are Married in Mexico!


There are so many things I want to say about this wedding and especially these two very special people. I think the location where a couple decides to get married says a lot about who they are as individuals. I can tell you now, any couple who decides to have a destination wedding is going to get along with me! Not just because I'd hope they would invite me along for their nuptials like these two did! But also because traveling is one of the biggest parts of my life. I love to travel and am always ready to pack my bags and go anywhere. (especially if it involves warm weather) To me, a couple that loves to travel is a couple who is adventurous, fun, unconventional, and ready for anything. Gina and Ryan are all these things and so much more! I truly couldn't have asked for a better wedding to kick off my 2016 season!

When I first arrived in Mexico, it was the night of Gina and Ryan's rehearsal. Due to a little pop up storm that came through that evening we had to hold the rehearsal in the lobby rather than the pier. Most brides would be really upset by this but Gina didn't mind one bit. In fact, due to strong winds on their wedding day, the ceremony location had to be changed to a completely different location. Let me just say, these two would have gotten married at the buffet dining hall and still have been one of the happiest and most laid back couples I have ever had the privilege of photographing. And thats no exaggeration! Gina and Ryan were focused on one thing only, and that was becoming husband and wife with all their closest friends and family. 

Surprisingly, one of my favorite moments from this wedding day was when I went from feeling pure joy, to shear panic and almost having a heart attack in less than a second... let me explain. Gina's younger brother Anthony was their officiant for the ceremony. I LOVE when my couples have family or friends marry them. I think it makes the ceremony so much more personable and meaningful. Well, Anthony took this opportunity as the officiant and used it play a little trick on Gina, their guests, and myself! Just as Ryan's best man passed over the rings to Anthony, there was some fumbling of the hands and next thing you know... the clink and clank of a ring falling off the cliff side was all you could hear... I think I almost died. Everyone began to panic and couldn't believe what had just happened. It was one of those moments as a photographer where you have to ask yourself, Is this an appropriate moment to document?! (I absolutely did) After a couple groomsmen started their way down the rocks, Anthony quickly announced that it was a prank and that the rings were still safe and sound in his hand... After a big sigh of relief, Gina and all their family had a good laugh and Anthony finished out the ceremony. This is just one example of the shenanigans that took place in Mexico.., but it just goes to show how absolutely awesome this crew is.

I could go on and on about how much fun I had in Cozumel with Gina, Ryan, and all their loved ones but you will quickly see that the photos will do the talking! This is a warning for all my brides planning their weddings right now... you WILL be tempted to ditch your plans and run away to Mexico and get married.. and bring me with you of course : )

Gina and Ryan, thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me enough to come all the way out to this beautiful island to document another chapter of your love story. It will be a day that I cherish forever. I cant wait to see you both again in just a couple weeks for your big home reception! I have no doubt it will be just as amazing and fun as your wedding day!


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