Gina & Ryan's Maryland Celebration!


Talk about a complete 180! No palm trees, warm sunshine, or white sandy beaches... but don't worry, this day was just as perfect and these two had just as much fun, if not more, celebrating during their big Maryland celebration! Thats right, TWO wedding days! I don't know about you but if I could get dressed up and do it twice, I wouldn't hesitate for a second! 

First off, a few things I need to apologize for... Sorry Gina and Ryan, this blog should just be called "The Fudge & Jackson Show".. I just couldn't help myself. I actually had 6 photos in this blog of fudge that almost all looked the same... but his expressions were all so cute!! And the photos of when he escaped the house... I cant help but laugh every time I look at them! They remind me so much of my equally as mischievous doodle. So push came to shove and I forced myself to take out a few but don't worry you will still be getting them ALL! (all 500 of them..) And do I even need to explain myself when it comes to Jackson?! The kid had his bottle in one hand and a little lady friend in the other.. all while doing the Whip & Nae Nae. Enough said. 

In the Mexico blog post I talked about how laid back and fun Gina and Ryan are, but I am going to do it again. Doesn't that really say something about these two!? They just exude happiness and joy. The perfect example of how to feel on your wedding day! Again, a tsunami could have hit Ocean City on this day and Gina would have shrugged it off and continued to be stoked that it was her wedding day. When Gina and Ryan finally saw each other for the first time it was so sweet and from there on out it was all laughter and love. 

It was so cool to see the direction Gina and Ryan took for this hometown celebration. I loved the soft grey tones and the touch of winter pine that Angie of Encore Events had added throughout the day. The girls bouquets were simple with greenery and this followed over to the reception decor too. Being that March isn't prime wedding season, it was refreshing to see a winter theme done so well! Not to mention, the invitation suite. It was so romantic and fit in with everything perfectly.

And I'll end this blog post with a challenge to all my future couples... I dare you all to top Gina and Ryan's cake cutting (both Mexico & Maryland!). Lets see who can do better, if thats even possible! 


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