Ryan & Mark are Married!


Sometimes when my brides don't live near me or our schedules cant seem to match up, I end up not meeting them until the wedding day. Of course it's always a bummer but never a huge deal! Through a couple phone conversations, I can always get to know my brides pretty well and be ready for what's expected on the wedding day. Well, all I can say is, I definitely should have met Ryan before her wedding day... why you ask? Because we would have been BEST FRIENDS! Everything about her and this day was right up my alley. Down to Earth and absolutely "go with the flow"... this explains both Ryan and Mark perfectly. Not only were they the absolute sweetest but they had amazing style! Her dress, his suit, the flowers...I could have photographed the details of this wedding ALL day (actually I did). From the cabin style barn she got ready in, to the rugs that lined the aisle way... It was my soul in wedding details. 

Ryan and Mark couldn't have asked for a better November day. It was already a miracle that the leaves were still on the trees this late in the year but the fact that I actually got hot shooting in my sweater that morning... it really was a perfect fall day. But by the late afternoon, well that is a different story : ) But such a great one. A story that I imagine, Ryan and Mark will tell their future children and grandchildren one day! It was only minutes after the ceremony, during a few family portraits, when a single gust of wind literally shook the ground. It went from absolutely no wind, to 45mph winds in ONE GUST. It was pouring leaves. Falling faster from the trees and swirling around us more than I have ever witnessed before in my life! The trees were bending more than you thought would be possible and everyone quickly ran for their jackets as the temperature dropped about 30 degrees. Although a little worrisome and a tad apocalyptic at first, I thought it was pretty awesome! All the amazing leaves I had photographed that morning, during the first look, wedding party photos, and during the ceremony just moment before this wind struck, were now laying on the ground. It was like God had this planned and he knew he had to keep the wind away just long enough for Ryan and Mark to become husband and wife. A little crazy? Sure! But I loved this part of the day and Ryan and Mark embraced it with open arms! No amount of wind was going to stop this party. 

Amidst the howling winds this crew drank, ate delicious brick oven pizza, and danced the night away. The dance floor was so packed that I ended up standing on chairs and benches that lined the tables just to get a glimpse of everyone in the center of the dance floor. 

Mark and Ryan, thank you so much for allowing me to document your wedding day. It was a fall wonderland and I had so much joy on this day. Your friends and family made me feel so welcome and if I could relive this day I would! All the best to you two!!


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