Stacey & Mitch are Married!


My last wedding of the year was by far one of my favorites EVER! When the focus of the day is on love and nothing else, magic happens. And this afternoon was magical. SO much love was radiating between, not only Stacey and Mitch, but their families as well. With only 9 people total out on the bayside of Assateague Island, Stacey and Mitch said their vows with shivering hands held tight. (yes, it felt like there was a wind chill of -20!) 

A few things about this afternoon that was so special. Number one, their first look. There wasn't one! Many of you know I am not a photographer who pushes first looks. Do I love them? YES! Don't get me wrong, there are so many awesome things about a first look and Im always excited and giddy to shoot one. BUT you also know Im a sucker for the good ole fashion, wait to see the bride until she walks down the aisle "look". And this was one of the best. Why?? Well for a few reasons!! Which brings me to number two... Because Mitch is stationed with the NAVY in San Diego, these two hadn't seen each other in 3 WEEKS leading up to the big day! Meaning, as Stacey turned that corner and Mitch could see her coming down the trail, this was the first time they were laying eyes on each other in 3 weeks! Talk about some seriously romantic stuff... My heart was racing for them!! And number three, Stacey had such a special walk with her father. I talked about this in my last blog post... sometimes aisles are so short and that moment is gone so fast! Well Stacey started this walk with her father at the beginning of a long trail. So instead of 10 seconds, she was able to share this moment with her father for a few minutes. A little cold.. but so very special. 

After these two tied the knot, kissed, and high fived... (<----awesome) I got to spend the next hour with them taking photos. On most any other wedding day I get to spend maybe 20 minutes with just the bride and groom, if Im lucky. But because this day was so intimate, I was able to have the most amazing golden hour with just the beautiful bride and groom. Despite the cold, I don't think Ive ever witnessed a more beautiful evening on Assateague. I know I say that over and over with each wedding, but I swear I mean it!! God just keeps gracing me with these magical nights and they get more and more perfect every time!! 

Stacey and Mitch, I have no doubt that your marriage is going to last a lifetime. You already have your focus on the most important thing and thats your love for each other. I cant wait to see what the future holds for your new life together! So much love to you and your families! 


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