Kristi & Bob are Married!


I didn't officially meet Kristi until about a month before their big day but it certainly was not the first time I saw them or photographed these two. It was at one of my favorite weddings last year, when Lyndsey and Jordan tied the knot, and Kristi and Bob were some of my favorite wedding guests from that day. They danced ALL night and I remember taking a photo of Bob, throwing Kristi over his back on the dance floor, and then continuing to boogie down like it was no big deal.. So when I received an email from Kristi asking about documented their big day, I obviously said yes as fast as I could. 

Well just like Lyndsey and Jordan's wedding, this crowd did not disappoint! What an incredibly fun day. It all took place in Kristi's parents backyard and her dad even built the most beautiful chapel for them to be married under. Backyard weddings are by far one of my favorite "venues". You just can't go wrong with a bride and groom getting hitched in such a laid back and personal setting. Its so meaningful and from a photographers perspective, I feel like every photo has a deeper sentimental value when everything surrounding the day probably has another memory or connection for the couple. 

Now lets talk about this Beer Garden... I may have taken one too many photos of it... but it was just too awesome not too! Another creation made just for the big day and being that Kristi and Bob are both in the booze business, it was perfectly fitting. They had all the best craft beers, wines, and even "Bobs Bourbon Bar" was set up with all sorts of amazing whiskeys (so I was told..). It was probably a good thing I shot this wedding pregnant, otherwise I think I would have had to take advantage of the Beer Garden.

Don't worry, it wasn't just the Beer Garden that had my attention that night, every little detail was perfect and even though I haven't known Krisit and Bob for long, it felt like a true reflection of who they are as individuals and as a couple. This was a huge backyard party from beginning to end and I was lucky to be the one to document so much love and pure fun. One of the best parts of the day was watching Kristi with her father. From their impromptu first look and especially their dance together, I can see how much they admire each other and it always feels like such a gift when I get to document this kind of family bond. What an amazing blessing to be so close to your family. 

Kristi and Bob, thank you so much for inviting me up to document this day! When I was going through your photos to make this blog post it was so hard to just post a few! I can't wait for you guys to get all of your photos so you can relive so many wonderful parts of your wedding day. I have no doubt that you two will be living a beautiful and fun life together for many years to come! Much love to you and both of your families! 


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