Daneille & Leroy are Married!


I just have to start this off by saying that Dani, Leroy, and both of their families are two of the nicest groups of people I have ever had the pleasure of photographing and spending such a beautiful day with. It's amazing how the simple gesture of kindness can make anyones day so great. Dani and Leroy are just some of the nicest people I have ever met and although this day was obviously about them... I just had a wonderful day myself! As a wedding photographer, it will be a day that I never forget. And it wasn't just due to all the amazing details and perfection of this day, but mostly because you two are just so sweet, kind, and overall awesome people! So thank you!!

I knew the second I arrived to Dani's house that morning, it was going to be an amazing day. Everyone was so welcoming and Dani was just glowing while she got ready. I absolutely adored Dani and Leroy's pups and may have taken one too many photons of them : / But I couldnt help it! They were just too funny. All the details from this day were incredible. I spent a good deal of time on their front porch photographing a bunch of beautiful things that helped make this day so lovely. Dani and Leroy have the cutest porch swing and it was the perfect backdrop for her dress and all the other "getting ready" details. I especially loved the moss filled box which carried the rings. Everything had just a little bit of southern feel and I loved it. Before I headed over to the ceremony site, Dani and all her gals lined up for some quick photos and as much as all they all looked stunning, I think its safe to say that Dani's flower girl stole the show! I have never witnessed a more dedicated flower girl! Anytime Dani moved or turned, she would quickly rush over to fix the bottom of her dress and make sure it laid perfectly. I was so thankful for her help because now that Im almost 7 months prego... the less bending down I had to do the better!

Once arriving to the Lewes Historical Society, where Dani and Leroy tied the knot, I was blown away. These grounds were incredible. The cedar shake buildings, the trees, the flowers, the light... everything about it had my heart racing! Literally.. I couldn't click my shutter fast enough when I arrived. The ceremony was beautiful and I was so excited to roam the grounds with Dani, Leroy, and their wedding party after their "I do's". We could have spent the entire night there with all the unique and interesting backdrops. I especially loved the little white Doctors Office building.. it looked like someone shrunk it down to doll house size and it was absolute perfection. 

The reception was held at the Irish Eyes Pub, overlooking the docks in Downtown Lewes. (Have I mentioned lately how much I am obsessed with Downtown Lewes?!) I loved this reception location because just across the canal, was the location I shot Dani and Leroy's engagement photos last year. When we went down to the docks for some photos at sunset, I made sure to get the same big red ship that was in their engagement photos, in their wedding photos as well. It was a very nostalgic moment! The night felt the same as their engagement session. A beautiful evening, with beautiful light, and the most beautiful couple inside and out.  

Dani and Leroy, I feel so blessed to have been a small part of your journey and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you both. I wish you and your families all the love in the world. Hopefully I can start making some day trips up to Lewes soon! 


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