Julie & John are Married!


This was my first elopement as a wedding photographer and I must say, Julie and John set the bar HIGH for any future elopements that come my way. Besides the number of attendees (Julie, John, the videographer, officiant, and myself) nothing about this day felt small. The dress was big and beautiful, the flowers were incredible, the setting was breathtaking, and the love between Julie and John was SO present and filled every ounce of my soul with pure happiness. 

Julie and John have been together for almost 12 years! Although they have known each other since the 6th grade and even dated briefly in the 8th grade, their real romance didn't begin until the end of high school. They have been together ever since and obviously couldn't wait for the day they could finally call each other husband and wife. 

I arrived to Julie and Johns home a few hours prior to their ceremony and hung out while Julie got ready with some of her closest girlfriends. I loved that even though they were getting married in a private ceremony, Julie still had some of her best friends by her side while she prepped for the big moment. After meeting both Julie and John that afternoon, and seeing how anxious they were to see each other as the moment grew closer, I knew right away that this was going to be one of the most romantic moments I will ever have the privilege of witnessing! Seriously, what an honor and blessing to be a part of their day. Its one thing to see two people madly in love when they are together, but to already feel such an enormous amount of love before they were even in each others presence, is a true sign of two people who are meant to be together. 

Julie and John said their vows on Assateague Island, under the most amazing tree. I have been back on this trail before but never far enough to happen upon this perfect little spot. Everything about this place shouted, get married here! Although it is open to the public, it felt like a secret garden that only John and Julie knew about and because its a long walk from the main beach, I knew we were secluded and didn't have to worry about any passing campers or beach goers. The tree they said their "I do's" under had the most amazing floral arrangements by Flourish Floral Artistry and Design. While editing these photos, I felt like I had taken a quick trip to Hawaii to shoot this wedding! It was beyond magical and made this ceremony even more dreamy then it already was!

After the ceremony, I spent some time with Julie and John taking photos at the beach and then also in Downtown Berlin before leaving them in all their marital bliss! They had dinner reservations at the Atlantic Hotel and it was absolutely adorable watching them sit outside at their table for two, ordering dinner, in their wedding attire. No loud music, fancy entrance, or 200 guests they needed to talk too. Just Julie, John, and the quiet downtown streets at dusk lit by the glow of street lights. It might as well have been straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book... but better because this was real life!

Julie and John, how can I ever say thank you enough for letting me be a part of such an intimate and beautiful moment in your lives. I wish you both so much happiness and love and can't way to see what the future holds for you both.  


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