Pamela & Matt are Married!


After walking in and meeting Pam for the first time on her wedding day, I knew instantly, that I was going to love everything about the next 12 hours. Pam, her lovely bridesmaids, and some of her family got ready at an adorable beach home in Fenwick, where I spent the entire morning, drooling over all her details. Her dress, shoes, sash, invitations, bouquets.... the list goes on and on, and I hadn't even seen the ceremony and reception yet!! I think my favorite detail of this day was Pam's veil. It has been passed down and worn by so many women in her family on their own wedding day. The most unique thing about this veil is that it is not even a veil... it is actually a table cloth/runner that each bride has pinned into their hair for their big day. It was absolutely stunning on Pam and the history and story behind a simple piece of fabric is what makes it so special and unique. Overall, the best part of this wedding morning was being welcomed so warmly by her friends and family. I felt like one of the girls, hanging out, excited to see Pam get ready and say I do. By the end of the night, I just wanted to join in on the dancing and be friends with all of their family. I know I say this a bunch, but it truly is such an honor to meet so many wonderful human beings that, had I not chosen this career path, I may have never met before. And for that, I will be eternally grateful. 

I left the ladies for a bit and headed to Matts family condo, where he and his groomsmen were getting ready. And just like I had suspected, they weren't the slightest bit ready : ) Some were still shaving and showering, some were half dressed, while others were just plain missing! Thankfully I wasn't too concerned, as I knew I would have more time to take photos later on in the day but thankfully I got to hang with the cutest ring bearer in the entire world. Don't believe me? Just wait until you see this little dude... I couldn't have asked for anything more! The guys finally pulled themselves together and I met them at Bayside for some photos before the ceremony took place. Although they were now dressed, getting them to focus for some photos was another difficult task! Phone calls were made, jokes were being cracked, and getting them all to smile at the same time without talking was not the easiest! But like I said before, I wouldn't have traded this group of guys for anything. In fact, the groomsmen that don't listen to me are my all time favorite type of groomsmen! It means more candids, real emotion, and it truly captures who they are and the friendships Matt has with each of them. So I couldn't have been happier with how these photos turned out and we got a few boring formal ones somewhere in the mix : )

The ceremony and reception were absolutely stunning and to try and describe my love for everything Pam and Matt chose for their day would take me decades. So instead Ill just say it was a photographers dream to capture their love and all that surrounded them on their wedding day. I am so thankful I was able to be a part of such a wonderful celebration and document these two tying the knot. Pam and Matt are such beautiful people, inside and out, It was easy to share in all their joy. 

Pam and Matt, I wish you both all the best and look forward to seeing whats next for you both as husband and wife. Enjoy these photographs for many years to come. 


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