Rachael & Rob are Engaged!


Rachael and Rob could have arrived in clown costumes for their engagement session and I still would have been the happiest photographer in the world. This was the first beautiful and warm day of the new year. I felt like I was coming out of hibernation and nothing was going to stop me from enjoying that day! Not only this, but Rachael and Rob were so easy to work with. Its the best kind of chemistry you could ask for as a photographer. They were goofy, giddy, and just had fun with each other. Not to mention their outfits (not clown costumes) were on point! I am always impressed with couples that seem to get their color combinations perfect, and these two did just that. I mean, Robs bow tie was just the icing on the cake...

Speaking of chemistry, Rob and Rachael actually met at Salisbury University in the chemistry study lounge. While Rachael studies in Pharmacy school, Rob works in a research lab and is close to finishing his PhD in Toxicology. So to say these too are super smart would be an understatement! One of my favorite parts of this shoot was when they popped open a bottle of wine and shared a romantic moment while I took some photos... well that was cut short when the photographer in me decided we needed to head out to the field before the golden light disappeared and I made them pack up their picnic. Well instead of closing up the bottle these two made sure they finished that bottle of wine before we got to our next location and this pregnant lady was pretty jealous that I couldn't help them that!

I had so much fun with these two and cannot wait to document their big day this upcoming fall. It is going to be such an amazing day and I know they will be just as lovely and fun for their wedding. Rachael and Rob thank you so much for spending such a beautiful evening with me and hopefully that wine held you over until dinner : ) and I cant wait to see photos of your sweet golden doodle pup soon!!!


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