The NZ, OZ, BALI Adventure.


I have been working on this blog forever! Technically you could say its been 3 years in the making since thats when our trip was.. I can't believe its already been that long ago! Even going through these photos now makes me realize how much I have grown as a photographer over the past few years. 

If I were to try and recap three months of this adventure,  that would take another two years... so instead I will let the photos do the talking. Just a little bit of info... The first leg of our trip was in New Zealand where we spent 6 weeks traveling the entire country. We only had the backpacks on our back and tented the majority of the trip. On the occasional night where it would down pour and we didnt want to wake up surrounded by a pool of water (happened more than a few times) we stayed in hostels. The second week in NZ we WWOOFed.. (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) and stayed with a lovely family on a farm that looked out over the ocean. We met wonderful WWOOFers who farmed and bunked with us for the week. After that, we were on our own for the remainder of the month. We went bungee jumping, drank lots of flat whites, got stuck in a life threatening storm at the top of a volcano (no biggie..), discovered inumerable waterfalls, caves, glaciers, and magical moss covered forests, went avocado picking, made friends with sheep, deer, cows, seals, dolphins, and mating walruses, and saw so many amazing landscapes that just constantly took my breathe away and reminded me how amazing Gods creation is. 

We then spent a week in Sydney Australia and the remaining 5 weeks in Bali with my brother Tim. Now I must say, after the first leg of this trip, which was definitely the most physically and mentally challenging, I took a break from taking so many photos. I just decided when we got to Bali that I was going to put the camera down and just "be". and I am so glad I did. My parents also joined us in Bali for the last 2 weeks and it was great time. Staying at my brothers beautiful home, drinking margaritas, soaking in the sun, hanging with family and new friends, and even getting to be a part of my brothers wedding was the perfect way to wrap up this trip. We had an incredible journey and these moments will forever be a part of my soul. I can definitely say that I came home enlightened and ready to take on whatever was next for me. (Sarah Murray Photography!) 

Traveling has always been a huge part of my life and a part of who I am. I am leaving out so much detail but I just can't imagine trying to fit it all in... so I hope you enjoy these photos I took along the way. Its all in chronological order, starting with NZ and ending with Bali!

oh yea, and thanks to my incredible husband and best travel companion anyone could ask for! I can't wait for our next big adventure.


Here are some Instagrams I took along the way!!! Follow me @smurrayphoto to see future adventures..

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