Sara & Ryan are Married!


I don't generally like using the word fairytale to describe my weddings. It just feels a little cliche and sometimes silly... but from the moment I met Sara and Ryan I knew this day was going to be grand affair. Sara and Ryan live in California but decided to have their wedding back in Sara's hometown of Salisbury, MD. It truly was something right out of a storybook. Sara has a timeless beauty about her and with her vintage style, this gal could be fashionable in any decade! So with Ryan's passion for motion pictures and Sara's vintage touch throughout the day, this wedding was the perfect definition of a fairytale. 

My day began with the boys at the Lighthouse Suites in Ocean City. This was by far one of the most unique places Ive photographed the groom and his groomsmen getting ready. Too often, the groom gets the short end of the stick and ends up getting ready in a small dark hotel room or somewhere that isn't the most picturesque setting. Ladies, I can't stress enough how important the "getting ready" location is, not only for the bride but for the groom too! I can't imagine a better spot for Ryan and his groomsmen to spend the morning. It went right along with what Sara and Ryan were envisioning for their day and I had so much fun with this group of guys! They had me laughing all morning and I must say, as much as I love all the different types of attire my grooms have been wearing these days, you just can't go wrong with the classic black tuxedo! Again, the timeless details of this day had me swooning!

Tucked away in the trees, Sara's childhood home sits atop a hill right on the river in Salisbury. Not only was this where Sara and her girls got ready but it was also the location of their wedding reception. The Rossi family calls their home The Treehouse, and I couldn't have picked a better way to describe it. As I turned the corner of their driveway that lead up to their home, I felt as if I had just arrived for a mini vacation. The coastal cedar shake home, the dock out on the river, the tall pines canopying over me... I was already buzzing with ideas for the day. 

Sara and Ryan said their vows in the same church that Sara's parents were married in years ago. There were so many emotions during this ceremony and the tears were flowing... I was thankful to have had my camera to hide behind as I attempted not to cry myself! I loved how Sara and Ryan both dried each others tears more then once during the ceremony and the way that Ryan looked at Sara during their vows was proof enough that these two were meant for each other.  

After they were officially husband and wife, Sara and Ryan drove away in the coolest vintage car and we headed down the most beautiful road I have ever seen! Tall trees towered over each side of the road and we stopped right in the middle for photos. Again, something right out of a fairytale or movie! Just as the sun was setting, we took our last photos on Sara's dock and then headed down to where the reception was being held. This reception was one of my favorites this year. Not only was everything beautiful top to bottom, but their were a few personal touches that made this celebration different then most. Instead of a DJ, Sara and Ryan had two family friends MC and an amazing band that had everyone on the dance floor the entire night. Sara and Ryan also decided to surprise Ryan's family with a traditional Filipino bamboo stick dance. Although this can be a very complex dance, everyone joined in and had so much fun with it. Not only did the band play, but Ryan's father, grandmother, and a groomsman took a turn on the stage to sing...and this was not karaoke folks, they all had amazing voices!  (And you really know you threw a good party when the cops get called!) : )

Sara and Ryan, it was truly an honor to be a part of your day and capture what you both have been waiting for all year. You both have such creative minds and I had so much fun documenting all the amazing details you put into your wedding. Cherish these photos for years to come! I wish you all the love and happiness! 


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