Chelsea & Roland are Married!


This wedding was just about as perfect as it gets. You can give me all the most beautiful details in the world but it will never amount to the weddings where I have the most fun, relaxed, and head over heels in love couples. This was true for Chelsea and Roland's big day and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it. 

I spent most of the morning with Chelsea and the girls while they got ready in a suite right above the cutest coffee shop just outside of Chestertown, MD. Chestertown is near and dear to Chelsea's heart. Although she and Roland met and live in the Berlin area, Chelsea's roots are in Chestertown where she grew up. Once I arrived, I knew exactly why Chelsea loved her hometown so much. It was so quaint and reminded me a lot of downtown Berlin. All the history and old buildings created the perfect setting for their big day. Along with the old time feeling that Chestertown gave us, Chelsea has a timeless beauty about her as well. Even her jewelry, dress, and head piece reflected this with such a classic touch and together I felt like I had stepped back in time with these two...that is except for her chucks : ) 

After hanging with the girls, I squeezed in just enough time before the ceremony to stop by where the guys were getting ready. Now sometimes I get very well behaved groomsmen and sometimes I get crazy groomsmen. Well I was lucky enough to have BOTH with this crew! These were some of the most fun guys and to top it off, they listened to all my directions! It was like a dream come true... I showed up and with the snap of a finger these guys were getting dressed in record breaking time! I didn't even have to ask twice! Do I sound like a mom yet? : ) Although their efforts were definitely appreciated, unfortunately we still didn't have enough time for photos.. but I did get a chance to take some shots of their awesome super hero shirts they had on underneath their suits... One of the best things about this day was the underlying Batman theme... Just here and there you would find something that had to do with Batman. Roland is a huge fan of super heroes and obviously his favorite is Batman. His shirt, socks, cuff links, and even his grooms cake were all Batman themed.. and yes folks, this groom even DANCED down the aisle at his wedding to the Batman theme song... Oh and to top it off, it was National Batman Day on their wedding day!!! Seriously, what are the chances?! So like I said before, no amount of Pinterest details will make me love a wedding more then the ones where my grooms dance down the aisle and my bride wear Chuck Taylors : ) 

The reception was held at the Sailing Emporium Marina and went on to be one big celebration. It was clear to see that these two have a huge group of friends and family that love them dearly. By the end of the night, the Batman mask came out and I was having too much fun documenting all of their shenanigans... Chelsea and Roland, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day. With both of your loving and care free spirits, I have no doubt you two will be building the most beautiful life together. I hope you two are having the most amazing honeymoon at Oktoberfest! Drink a cold one for me!


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