Amber + Dan are Married!



This was my last big wedding of the year and I couldn't have imagined a better way to close out such an incredible 12 months. I mean, just look at that venue... The George Peabody Library in Downtown Baltimore was a dream come true. It was magical and watching them gaze up at the lights during their first dance gave me chills and yes, I was holding back some tears!

I had been corresponding through email with Amber for many months so I was so excited to finally meet her on the morning of her wedding. She was so laid back and all the girls looked absolutely beautiful. It was soon after I arrived that Amber slipped into her dress and went to have a first look with her future husband Dan. I just have to say how much I LOVED Ambers fur jacket. It was so fitting for the time of year and she was a timeless beauty wearing it! It was quite chilly outside so I felt a bad about making Dan wait outside for Amber but it was definitely worth the wait! I loved this first look. It was meaningful and so emotional. With only having met these two an hour prior to the first look, I knew in that instant, when Dan turned around to see Amber for the first time, that these two were meant for each other and they are madly in love. 

The ceremony took place inside the Peabody Library and when I walked in for the first time to see everything set up, It took my breath away. I am always excited to hear that a friend is going to be the officiant. It seems like such an honor and their friend Chris did such a wonderful job. I also loved how Dan and Ambers parents each took a turn speaking during the ceremony. I had never seen this done before and it was such  a special moment. I think sometimes ceremonies are so quick and over in a flash, but taking a moment to honor the parents and the couple really reminded everyone of why they were there and the love of two families coming together. 

Speaking of these families, I am so sad that I only got to spend one day with this group of people. This is one amazingly fun crowd and it was a true pleasure getting to document all of their shenanigans! What shenanigans you might ask? Well for starters, every single pair of pants came off prior to the start of the reception and by the end of the night the dance floor was filled with chubby shorts in all sorts of colors and patterns. A photographers dream come true of course... Not to mention their sweet Uncle Bill decided to flash me during the family portraits! I don't think I have ever laughed (or blushed) that hard while shooting a wedding! 

Amber and Dan, thank you thank you thank you!!!! Even after an entire year of weddings, you guys still managed to make me pinch myself and thank God for having the best job in the world! I feel blessed to have been a part of your day and couldn't have picked a better way to finish out 2014. I wish you all the love in the world!



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