The Murray Home Renovation Adventure!


I can't believe the day has come that I actually have some free time to blog about something personal! Not to mention something that has been a HUGE part of my life the past year and a half. In between editing photos and shooting weddings this has been where all the rest of my time and energy has gone.. lets just say starting your own business, getting a puppy, and buying a SERIOUS fixer upper, all at the same time, may not have been the brightest idea!! But it was absolutely worth every mental breakdown and sleepless night, I promise!

I could write a book on everything we did and how we did it but instead I am just going to let the photos do the talking. This is a compilation of iPhone photos, Instagrams, and a few from my professional camera from the past year. We bought this 1920 craftsman bungalow in May 2013 and were moved in Halloween night just 6 months later. We spent the next year making it feel like home!! 

Most importantly, The BIGGEST of thank you's to all of our amazing friends and family who helped make this house come to life!! We would not be here if it wasn't for all of you!!! Drew and I are so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful, loving, and supportive group of friends and family! 


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