Chelsea + Roland are Engaged!



I was so excited for this shoot with Chelsea and Roland and by the time it was over I could barely contain myself. I ran home to immediately import them into my computer so I could start sorting through. It was one of those shoots where you knew you took a few that would go down as being some of your all time favorites. Considering its November, we were lucky with a beautiful evening to stroll around Downtown Berlin and Stephen Decatur Park. Although Halloween is over, everyones pumpkins and fall decor were still outside on their stoops and the leaves were brilliant in color. We even happened upon some perfectly placed words... as if they were there just for Chelsea and Roland. 

This was the first time I got to officially meet Chelsea and Roland. We actually sat together for a friends dinner party earlier that year but it was such large group, I never got to talk with them! After exchanging many emails over the summer, I couldn't wait to finally get to know these two a little more. Although I must say, I am SO bummed I forgot to ask Chelsea about all her traveling... on the questionnaire I had them fill out when they got their welcome package, Chelsea's "interesting fact" was that she had been to over 25 countries on 4 continents!! I was dying to pick her brain about this but in the midst of our shoot I totally forgot! Next time I guess : ) 

Chelsea and Roland are both Mental Health Therapist and met while working for the Worcester County Health Department. It was during a night out to dinner with friends, at the Atlantic Hotel, that Roland asked Chelsea to marry him. He and some of the staff at the Hotel tricked Chelsea into going on a "mini ghost tour" of the hotel and while standing out on the balcony of the hotel, Roland got down on one knee and proposed to Chelsea. After spending just a few minutes with these two I could see why they have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together. Chelsea and Roland kept each other laughing the entire shoot and I barely had to give them any direction. They just always seemed to do exactly what I wanted them to and I could really see how much they love each other. I mean, let get serious for a second, Chelsea is absolutely stunning, a classic beauty like no other. And Roland's not too bad looking either.. so together these two made my evening a piece of cake! 

Chelsea and Roland, it was so good to finally meet you guys and I am so excited for the big day next September! Next time you come through Berlin lets grab some coffee to catch up and also so I can talk to you about all your travels! 



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