Sarah + Ricky are Engaged!

Just like the blog post for one of my best friends Athena.. I have to be careful not to make this sound too much like my upcoming MOH speech... Its truly a difficult task! I have already been thinking about what I am going to say and its hard not to just write all of it out on this blog post! I have so many funny things to say about these two... because if you have ever had the privelege of cross the paths with Sarah and Ricky you know what I am talking about. These two are perfectly hilarious and absolutely perfect for each other. 

Now without sounding presumptuous or boastful I would like to take full credit for getting these two together. (MOH speech spoiler) You see... It was right before we all headed off to college and all started making our own paths in life, that Athena, myself, and Sarah sat in Athena's bedroom and decided we were going to predict the next year of our lives. Although my memory of this girls night is a bit foggy, I know without a doubt they all looked at me with boring eyes and said "You will still be with Drew" and then continued on with their own predictions which apparently were going to be more exciting then mine. Well after Athena's predictions, it was Sarah's turn and of course she decided she would never meet the man of her dreams her freshman year of college or any year after that. Sarah was sure that love wasn't in her cards... Well after drumming up a few different predictions for Sarah's year ahead, I finally decided I was going to predict the future and I said in the most confident and stern voice, "Sarah, you are going to meet your future husband during your third year of college, and thats that." Although that was three years away, I stuck to my prediction for Sarah. After our freshman year of college we made another round of predictions. I still told Sarah, "Just wait! You only have one more year left until you meet him". Well, fast forward one more year and sure enough, for the first time, I started hearing the name Ricky in some of Sarah's hilarious stories. (If you haven't heard Sarah tell a story, you are missing out big time). Then before we knew it, Sarah and Ricky were the most adorable couple that ever existed. Imagine two of the most funny and amazing individuals coming together as one.. thats twice the amount of laughs and good times. Definitely a power couple in the making... So yes, I believe my predictions (and a little bit of fate) brought these two together. Your welcome. 

Sarah and Ricky bring out the best in each other and I can't imagine a better side kick for one of my best friends. When we all get together and these two join in, it instantly goes from being a fun night to one of the best nights ever. And when Sarah and Ricky aren't able to make it to a game night or bonfire, all we do is sit around and talk about how much we wish they were there and how much we love them. I guess to be frank, we are all pretty obsessed with Sarah and Ricky. 

When we met at the pumpkin patch for their engagement photos I had the best time! I usually wrap up right after the sun sets but I made them stay later because I just didn't want to stop shooting! I finally got this look from Ricky that said, if you take one more photo of me I might just start crying.... so I finally let them go home. : ) I could have made an entire blog post of just the bloopers. I felt like their mother, telling them to stop fooling around and pay attention. But I loved every second of their nonsense and it just made me love them even more if thats possible. Editing these photos was another reminder of how lucky I am that I get to photograph all my best friends engagements. When sorting through the photos, I had a huge smile on my face the entire time. These two really are an incredible pair and I am so happy that they have found each other. 

Sarah and Ricky, I can't wait for your big day this upcoming May! I am so honored to be a part of your wedding and have no doubt it is going to be one for the books. I love you guys so much and can't wait to see what the future holds for your relationship. A lot more laughing Im sure. 

Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray Photography, Berlin, MD, United States

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