Lyndsey + Jordan are Married!

This was another day that I begged the heavens to let the rain stop. Let the weather clear, so that this day can be exactly how the bride imagined it to be. But then by the end of the night, its always one of the most amazing nights of their lives and after going through the photos, I can’t imagine the day being anymore perfect. In fact, looking through the photos I am so thankful for the rain! And I know I say this every time I blog a rainy wedding day but I am going to say it again and again. It brought out the most beautiful colors in all the greenery and Lyndsey and Jordan were given the most beautiful deep blue sky to have their first dance under. I don’t know if their has ever been a bride that wished for it to rain on their wedding day but sometimes I think its truly not a bad thing. So with that said, I think its time for me to pull out one of those (corny yet so true) rain quotes… “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain!”

Just a week before the wedding Lyndsey was trying to decide where she and her girls should get ready on the big day. I am never a huge fan of going to the hair salon for photos but rather a home or somewhere special to the bride. I was happy to hear a few days before the wedding that Lyndsey had decided to get ready at a friends home instead of the hair salon. When I arrived to the home and explored all the possibilities for photos, I was beyond thrilled. This turned out to be one of the coolest spaces I had ever photographed a bride getting ready. If you follow me on Facebook you already know that I posted a photo earlier this week from Lyndsey’s wedding, about how important that first “getting ready” location is for your photos! Lyndsey got her makeup done in front of a big wall of beautiful windows overlooking Assateague Island and the Ocean City inlet. There was also this incredible loft space with a huge circular window just shouting ” I need to be photographed!!”. I could have kept Lyndsey and her bridesmaids here all day taking photos because there were so many wonderful possibilities.

Also, I must admit… there are 6 photos on this blog post of the same bouquet! Thats because it is absolutely stunning and needed to be photographed at every angle. So thank you Little Miss Lovely for being so talented and allowing me to have so much fun documenting your beautiful creations.

Once I got to Lighthouse Sound, the boys were ready to take some photos and I had so much fun with this crew. I think its funny when groomsmen apologize to me for not listening/not staying in a straight line/acting out during pictures etc. The groomsmen that don’t listen to me are usually my favorite and almost always produce the best photos. This was absolutely true for Jordan and his friends. The rain let up so that we could go outside and snap a few photos and I had so much fun watching this group of friends together. I didn’t really have to say or do much. I just let them hang out and I photographed them all having a good time.

When it was time for Jordan and Lyndsey to tie the knot, mother nature couldn’t make up her mind.. after playing a bit of limbo with the weather, it was finally decided that they would say their vows indoors. Although I can see why most brides would be disappointed, I don’t think Lyndsey and Jordan could have had a more beautiful indoor ceremony. It was absolutely stunning and looked as if they had planned it that way the entire time. The rain decided to finally stop just in time for some photos. We headed outside and just like I said above, even with the rainy day, it was so beautiful outside. Jordan and Lyndsey were still able to share their first dance at dusk outside on the patio, and it was perfect.

Lyndsey and Jordan, I am so thankful I was able to document such an amazing day in your lives. Your sweet baby is going to be so incredibly lucky to have you as her parents. I am so excited to meet her and see what the future holds for your new family. I wish you all the love in the world.

Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray Photography, Berlin, MD, United States

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