Sarah & Jordan are Married!

Well, this day just made the list for one of the greatest days ever. Not only one of the best days in my career as a photographer but also in my own personal life. It was after one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed and my husband and I had just finished shooting all the wedding party photos with about 30 minutes of cocktail hour left to spare. (I LOVE when that happens!) So Drew and I were sitting by the water, eating our dinner, and I had one of those moments where I looked around and just soaked in all the blessings I have. One of those “I am extremely lucky” moments. To be documenting such an amazing couple, to be a part of such an important day in their lives, to be doing what I absolutely love, and on top of it all I got to do it with Drew, the person I love. Anyway, I know I say it a lot but sometimes I feel like I need to shout it from the roof tops!

Sarah and Jordan tied the knot at the Historic London Town and Gardens in Annapolis, MD. It reminded me so much of Furnace Town, one of my favorite venues back home. The old buildings and greenery were to die for and thankfully I have to stick to a timeline otherwise I would have been photographing this couple until the sun went down, much like their engagement session : )

I loved that Sarah wanted to wait until she walked down the aisle to see Jordan for the first time. I think the traditional “first look” is so classic and utterly romantic which is why we chose to do a more contemporary first look between Sarah and her father before the ceremony. This was a precious moment that Sarah and her dad will remember forever and I loved everything about it. Sometimes I get too “into” the moment and I forget that I need to be taking photographs instead of just watching it unfold… (don’t worry I didn’t miss anything!)

From the invitations to the bridesmaids dresses, it couldn’t have been more magnificent. I especially loved the lace backdrop Sarah and Jordan chose to have for the ceremony as well as the milk and cookie dessert in replace of a cake. If you thought the night couldn’t be any more awesome, Jordan had a surprise song written for Sarah that he sang to her during the reception and for the first time ever I witnessed friends and family take turns dancing with a mop… so this night was perfect, to say the least.

Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray Photography, Berlin, MD, United States

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