Melinda + Cody are Engaged!


I love when I get to photograph couples that hear about me through their family members and have used my services in the past. In this case, I was able to connect with Cody and Melinda through his sister Daneille whose wedding I will be documenting this upcoming spring. Its exciting because I will see Cody and Melinda at Daneille and Leroy’s wedding and then just a few months later I will get to see them all again for Cody and Melinda’s wedding! Its just a lot of fun when I get to be on a more personal level with everyone at the wedding.

I absolutely loved the two locations Melinda and Cody picked for their engagement session. We started at the Nassau Valley Vineyards in Lewes and ended at Lavender Fields in Milton, DE. I had been to Lavender Fields for a wedding in the past, so I knew how amazing this backdrop was going to be for their engagement session. We got an incredibly beautiful night and the lighting was unbelievable. The only problem were the bugs! From now on I will always have bug spray in my car for adventures like this… Hope you guys didn’t get too many bites!

What I absolutely love about Melinda and Cody, is that they prove no matter how short or how tall you may be, love conquers all : ) While Melinda is 5’1 and Cody is 6’8, these two weren’t fazed one bit by their height differences. I did feel a little bad about making Melinda always look so high up to Cody but it all worked out and hopefully she got a nice neck massage after the night was over! I'm usually not a huge fan of using props during engagement sessions but I will say, the last two photos on this blog post could be my favorite!

Melinda and Cody, I had such a fun time with you guys and I can’t wait to see you both at Daneille and Leroy’s wedding and then for your big day in September!

Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray Photography, Berlin, MD, United States

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