Kayla + Noah are Married!

Another wonderful wedding that will be near and dear to my heart. I remember holding my cousin Kayla as a newborn and now I am blogging about her wedding day!! Time really does fly.

Kayla and Noah met in French class in high school and after Noah introduced himself to Kayla, a wonderful friendship blossomed and soon enough these two started dating. Because my husband and I started dating in 10th grade, I always have such excitement when couples tell me they are high school sweethearts. I love hearing how they met, wether it be gym class or having lockers right next to each other.. These young love stories always start with such an innocent romance where writing love notes and holding hands for the first time is a BIG deal, and I love that. So when Noah proposed to Kayla last fall, I was so happy for them and couldn’t wait for them to get married.

I have been to some incredible weddings but with no doubt, the most beautiful weddings I have documented are the ones that focus on the real purpose and meaning of the day. Two people in love, making the commitment to spend the rest of their lives together. You can have all the Pinterest decor and bling imaginable, but when the bride and groom are more excited to have their signature cocktail then they are to be husband and wife… it just isn’t the same. The focal point of Kayla and Noah’s wedding was absolutely on each other and more than anything else, they wanted that marriage certificate signed!

Everything about this day was a perfect reflection of Kayla and Noah. We could start with how awesome Noah’s peach bow tie was and that once the reception was in full swing, Kayla switched into the most adorable little white dress and replaced her heels for a pair of converse sneakers to match Noah. Their first dance was “I would walk 500 miles” and I couldn’t stop smiling as they sang the song to each other while they danced. Kayla even surprised Noah with singing a song on her ukulele.

Kayla and Noah, I am so happy to call you both family now and feel blessed to have been a small part of your day. I know God has such beautiful plans for your future as husband and wife.

Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray Photography, Berlin, MD, United States

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