Katie & Joaquin are Engaged!

This was such a great afternoon and surprisingly it was the second time in one week going to the Pemberton Historical Park, even though just last week, I didn’t even know this beautiful place existed!

Katie and I went to high school together and I was so excited to see her and catch up on the past 5 years. Another amazing thing about my job is that I get to see friends and classmates I haven’t seen in years. Even more, I get to have a “backstage pass” on their wedding day and be with them to document every intimate and special moment. It feels like a gift!

After meeting her fiancé Joaquin and watching these two together, I knew they had found their match. Joaquin had Katie laughing almost the entire shoot. Joaquin is Hispanic and speaks fluent Spanish. He continued to whisper sweet somethings (we assume) into Katie’s ear, although neither her or I could understand him! I loved it because it kept Katie laughing and I could really see how much she adores this funny guy.

Katie and Joaquin, thank you so much for spending this afternoon with me. I am so excited for the big day next May and can’t wait to see Joaquin’s dance moves I keep hearing about : )

Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray Photography, Berlin, MD, United States

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